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Job Positions Available:

Store Greeter, Store Associate, Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Housekeeping Associate, Maintenance Associate, Stock Associate, Money Centers Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Cart Retriever, Electronics Sales Associate, Manager Positions and More Available…

Minimum Hiring Age: 16 years of age
Operating Hours:

Operating hours are different from one location to another.

Generally Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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*Printable job applications for Walmart are not available. The current application process is completed electronically.


For prospective workers looking for Walmart jobs; apply online and your search will be over. (The Walmart Job Application is only available electronically.) Once you submit your application, you will receive information on the department store positions open to you.

Many Walmart locations need to hire new entry-level employees or professional associates on a regular basis, so no matter whether you are looking for a part-time job or a full-time opening, you will be able to find employment at Walmart. If you are at least 16 years of age and are looking for Walmart jobs apply online and find a job at your local Walmart today.

Among the openings usually filled by entry-level workers at Walmart are those of greeters, sales associates and cashiers. As an entry-level worker, your most important responsibility will be ensure that customers leave the store satisfied. If you join Walmart as a professional associate in retail, then you will most probably become part of the management team. Managers at Walmart are responsible for overseeing everyday operations and also managing those workers in their department.

So if a competitive salary and great benefits sound like what you are looking for in your next job, you should definitely apply for a job at Walmart. For Walmart jobs apply online using the simple online form and you will be on your way to finding an excellent job opening. Rest assured that the job opening you are offered will be matched to your qualifications and you will earn the wages and receive the benefits that you require.

Position Descriptions:

Walmart is a worldwide leader in the retail sector, with more than 2,000,000 workers in its employ internationally. With such a great manpower requirement, there are always openings for both entry-level employees and professional associates at Walmart to fill both part-time and full-time job vacancies.

Some of the positions that often need to be filled at Walmart are:


The main responsibility of a greeter at Walmart is to welcome customers into the store. A greeter must be courteous, friendly and, above all, helpful to any customer entering the store premises. Greeters are entry-level employees, and consideration for the position does not require any previous work experience. The wage rate for greeters is usually near minimum wage.


Cashiers are in charge of helping customers actually make their purchases at Walmart. Cashiers perform tasks including operating credit card machines and cash registers, answering queries, checking prices and other tasks as they become necessary. The typical pay rate for a cashier at Walmart starts at $8 an hour.

Sales Associate:

Sales associates in Walmart are responsible for keeping track of stock and providing for the upkeep of the store, while also assisting customers as and when necessary. These duties include ensuring products are not expired, stocking new products, answering customer queries, organizing store displays and any other assigned task. The typical pay of sales associates ranges from $8 an hour to $10 an hour, depending on the range of their duties and job experience levels.


Walmart managers take charge of daily operations of the store they work in. Management jobs include assistant manager, store manager and department supervisor. Some of the tasks managers are expected to complete are hiring fresh workers, organizing work schedules, encouraging workers and ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the store. The starting salary of a manger at Walmart ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 annually, depending on the specific job description and level of work experience.

Employee Benefits:

The benefits enjoyed by associates at Walmart include flexible work hours, paid on-the-job training and competitive rates of pay. Some employees will also receive employee discounts on merchandise purchased in the store, free uniforms and a variety of other benefits. Benefits will differ according to job position, but most associates will receive benefits and their families can expect some benefits as well.

Walmart employees may also receive an extensive package of benefits including accident insurance, full healthcare coverage, disability insurance, paid leave and a 401(k) retirement plan. Associates with greater qualifications can also expect plans covering dental, medical, vision and prescription expenses. Various options for life insurance are also offered to employees, alongside other incentives such as options to purchase stock.



Walmart History:

Walmart was previously known as Wal-Mart, and is the biggest discount retail organization anywhere on the planet. The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, and was initially known as Wal-Mart Discount City. Walmart is operated by the parent company named Wal-Mart Stores Inc., which also operates other retail stores such as Sam’s Club. There are currently more than 9,800 retail locations operated by the corporation, and over half of these locations are situated in the United States.

Walmart provides the full range of goods and services that one would expect from a department store or supercenter, such as bath and kitchen goods, electronics and groceries. Unlike other department stores, however, Walmart also offers such specialized services as the Walmart Automotive department, Subway restaurants, PictureMe! Portrait Studio, Walmart Vision Center and Walmart Pharmacy. Some Walmart locations even have health clinics on their premises.


The Walmart Vision Center specializes in eyewear products, such as spectacle frames, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses. Eye exams and stylish products are offered at affordable prices to keep customers’ eyes healthy and safe. The brands found in Walmart Vision Centers are also the top in the industry. Contact lens brands include Biofinity, Acuvue and Air Optix, while spectacle frame brands include Bolle, Baby Phat, Fatheadz and DNA. If you are interested in a job in the field of optometry, then you should definitely apply for a job in the Walmart Vision Centers and with other Walmart jobs apply online to be considered.


Originally called the Walmart Portrait Studios, this name was changed to PictureMe! Portrait Studios in 2006. PictureMe! Portrait Studio locations can be found in Walmart stores throughout the country. The Studios provide various photo development services as well as portrait-taking.

Financial Position:

Walmart stocks are publicly traded on a few stock exchanges, including the FRA, NYSE and LIM, with the ticker WMT. In 2010, Walmart reported sales revenues of  $405,000,000,000. Revenues from the Walmart locations in the United States account for over 60% of total revenues while Walmart International accounts for close to 30% of those revenues. Sam’s Club accounts the remainder of the company’s revenues. Sam's Club currently serves its customers via over 610 stores within the U.S.

The first international Walmart location was a Sam's Club, opened in Mexico City in 1991. Walmart International was incorporated in 1993, and today operates over 5,000 stores spread across 27 nations apart from the United States. Some of the foreign names that Walmart also goes by include Todo Dia, Pali and Despensa Familiar. These alternative versions of Walmart can be found in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the United Kingdom. More Wal-Mart Financial Information

Local Involvement in the Community:

Walmart is a company committed to being involved in communities around the world. The Walmart Foundation was established to provide support for those communities that in turn support the Walmart stores. Following the natural disasters in recent times, Walmart donated millions to fund relief efforts and provide supplies to those affected by the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Beyond direct donations of cash, the Walmart corporation also provides disaster victims with blankets, water, clothing, tents and other items necessary to survive the aftermath of such natural disasters. Every year, Walmart is recognized for its efforts with various awards and official recognitions of its charitable efforts.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Awareness:

Walmart aims to achieve full sustainability of its operations, and the preservation of the Earth and scarce natural resources is one of the main focuses of the company. Energy expenditure and waste outputs are both areas in which the company is continually cutting back, and Walmart also constantly monitors its impact on the environment. A number of the delivery trucks used by Walmart are even hybrid vehicles, thus reducing waste gas emissions and demonstrating the viability of sources of alternative energy. Walmart is also a sponsor of various events worldwide aimed at promoting sustainability.

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