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Job Positions Available:

Crew Member, Assistant Manager, Shift Manager, Restaurant Manager, Area Supervisor, Beverage Specialist, Crew Trainer, Drive-Thru Cashier, Cashier, Coffee Specialist, Closer, Drive-Thru Crew Member, Host, Hostess, Lot & Lobby Person, Janitorial Crew Member, McCafe Crew Member, Order-Taking Associate, Restaurant General Manager, Part-Time Cashier, Shift Leader...

Minimum Hiring Age: 16 years of age
Operating Hours:

Operating hours are different from one location to another.

*Some Locations are Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

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With McDonalds restaurants found in so many countries worldwide, McDonalds is among the biggest employers anywhere in the world. With a wide dedicated customer base, and so many locations, McDonalds is always on the lookout for enthusiastic new talent. As long as you fulfill the minimum age requirement of 16, you simply have to fill out and submit the McDonalds job application online and you will be considered for various available positions in a restaurant near you.

Right now, many McDonalds restaurants across the country are in the market for people to fill crew member positions as well as management jobs. As a crew member at McDonalds, you would prepare food and take orders from customers. If you are worried that you do not already know how to do those things, you need not be, as new workers are trained on-the-job. A job as a crew member is an entry-level position, but definitely paves the way to future opportunities within the organization. Some McDonalds restaurants are also looking to hire assistant managers, shift managers, and restaurant managers.

McDonalds has long been considered an American cultural icon and when you work at McDonalds, you will find yourself knee deep in American culture and history. If you are interested in working outside of America, there are many jobs and opportunities to be found in McDonalds locations worldwide. So for a fulfilling career in fast food, fill out your McDonalds application online today. If you do not wish to apply online, you can also print out and fill in the printable application form. There really is no better way to find yourself a job in your local fast food scene than with the McDonalds application online.

Position Descriptions:

As an icon of pop culture around the world and with a chain of restaurants spread across the globe, McDonalds is an enormous organization that is always looking to hire fresh talent to fill both entry-level openings and professional jobs as well. Typically, you need only be at least 16 years of age in order to fill out the McDonalds application online and apply for a job at McDonalds.

More information about the various positions open at McDonalds and the benefits and compensation workers receive is available below:

Crew Member:

The job of a crew member in McDonalds is no different from that in most other fast food restaurants, and crew members are tasked with most of the work to be found in a McDonalds restaurant. As a crew member, you will be expected to work both in the kitchen making food and at the counter taking orders from customers. In addition, other duties a crew member might be expected to perform are manning the drive-thru counter, operating cash registers, cleaning, cooking burgers and other food items, and any other task that might be assigned to you. As a crew member, you will most likely earn close to minimum wage, but with hard work and determination, there are many opportunities for advancement to a management position.


A capable management team is required to provide guidance during the rush hour periods of breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, managers must also provide motivation for other employees and tend to more complex customer service issues when they come up. Assistant managers, shift leaders and restaurant general managers form the management teams at McDonalds restaurants. No matter what your managerial position might be, your responsibilities will include hiring fresh workers, completing administrative work, organizing work schedules, training new employees and serving as the point of communication with the corporate offices and owners of the franchise. Managerial positions require more experience and qualifications than entry-level positions, and you should have either a diploma from high school or prior experience in the food and beverage industry. As a manager, you can expect your salary to fall somewhere in the range of $20,000 to $40,000 annually, depending on the exact position and location.

The workers hired by McDonalds are made up of a diverse group of people, and if you are enthusiastic and have a ready smile, then there are a great many part-time employment opportunities open to you at McDonalds. Stay at home moms, high school students, college undergraduates and many more are all groups from which McDonalds employees often come from. The breakfast, evening and overnight shifts, in particular, are always in need of workers willing to work at such hours.

Employee Benefits:

Among the benefits enjoyed by employees at McDonalds are paid on-the-job training, flexible working hours and opportunities for advancement. These benefits come on top of competitive salaries and hourly wages. Of course, benefits also differ according to job title. Most qualified workers receive a comprehensive package of benefits and professional associates and even their families will enjoy benefits such as a 401(k) plan, healthcare benefits, insurance, paid leave.



McDonalds History:

The McDonalds Corporation began in 1940, and has since become an international fast food chain spanning the globe. In the beginning, McDonalds was a company that specialized in hamburgers in San Bernardino, California. The first mascot of the company was named Speedee, who was a chef with a hamburger in place of a head, and was meant to embody McDonalds’ commitment to speedee service. After some time, Speedee was replaced as mascot by Ronald McDonald the clown. McDonalds counts the various large fast food restaurant chains such as Burger King, Subway, KFC and Pizza Hut among its competitors.

The menu at McDonalds includes a variety of foods besides hamburgers. Chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, french fries, soft drinks, breakfast foods and desserts are all part of the regular McDonalds menu. Following recent health trends, McDonalds has also added healthy items to its menus such as salads, fruit and various wraps.

Financial Position:

The McDonald’s Corporation is publicly incorporated, and its shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MCD. Each day, McDonalds restaurants around the world serve an average of 60,000,000 customers, with its 2010 annual revenues exceeding $24,000,000,000. In order to meet customer demand, McDonalds restaurants around the world employ a total of more than 1,500,000 associates.

From its humble beginnings in California, McDonalds has expanded to a global giant with restaurants in over 120 nations worldwide. The number of McDonalds restaurants worldwide is now greater than 32,000, with thousands of McDonalds restaurants across the Europe alone. McDonalds is noted for pulling its store management from within, with more than 75% of its restaurant managers starting off as shiftly or part time employees. More McDonalds Financial Information

Local Involvement in the Community:

McDonalds is committed to being involved in local communities, and the organization provides support to many sports programs for youths and also gives to a large number of charitable organizations. McDonalds also has its own charity – the Ronald McDonalds House Charities – which provides for basic healthcare for more than 100,000 underprivileged children every year.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Awareness:

McDonalds is also committed to reducing its waste and energy emissions year on year, and its restaurants all make use of products made from recycled paper and will be working towards eliminating the use of products made from polystyrene. In addition, McDonalds does not purchase any beef that has been raised in pastures that have recently been deforested, in order to discourage deforestation and preserve the world’s forests.

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