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Job Positions Available:

Service Desk Associate, Sales Associates, Cashiers, Stock Associates, Office Supplies Associate, Junior Planner, Furniture Associate, Truck Drivers, Technology Associate, Copy and Print Center Expert, Copy and Print Center Associate, Resident Technician, Truck Driver, and More...

Minimum Hiring Age: 16 years of age
Operating Hours:

Operating hours are different from one location to another.

Generally 8:00am to 9:00pm.; Some Locations Open 24 Hours.

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Those who are looking for entry level jobs in retail as well as those who may be looking for a career in management can do so when they complete a Kmart job application. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application process and this can lead someone to a full time career in the retail industry. Go online and fill out a Kmart application as the stores are now accepting applications for employment.  

For anyone looking for job opportunities in the retail sales industry, filling in the online Kmart application form is the perfect way to start. There are several employment opportunities available at Kmart so it is important that you apply today.

Kmart can put you to work regardless of whether you are looking for an entry level job or one that is more career oriented. Complete the Kmart job application right online to get started with a career in this company. Most of the entry level jobs are customer service jobs, but can go into a full time career. Anyone looking for jobs in retail can find work with Kmart by completing the job application form. Entry level jobs usually involve helping customers, running cash registers and stocking shelves as well as other tasks. Professional job duties differ depending upon the title of the job. Some of the professional jobs that are available require those who apply to have a certain degree or other type of certification for consideration for these jobs.

The sooner that you complete the Kmart job application, the sooner you can start to earn competitive wages in the retail industry as well as get good quality job benefits that you are looking for. Go now and apply online to receive immediate consideration for Kmart employment. Complete the Kmart online application form so that you can find a department store job today.

Position Descriptions:

Kmart is always looking to hire entry-level workers and professional associates. New employees are needed to fill both full time as well as part time job vacancies. Those who fill out the Kmart job application can start right away to look for the following types of jobs:


Kmart cashiers will run cash registers and assist the final sale for customers. They have to handle cash and credit transactions and usually start out making minimum wage or slightly higher, depending upon their location.

Stock Clerk:

Kmart stock clerks make sure that the shelves are properly stocked so customers can find things that they need. They may also have to bring items from the back rooms to stock shelves and get things for customers. The pay scale for stock clerk in Kmart is about $9 an hour, although some stores start out with minimum wage, depending upon experience as well as the location of the store.


There are managers who are needed at Kmart to help the store run smoothly as well as a variety of supervisors and assistant managers. Duties include dealing with customers, hiring employees and scheduling as well as the average maintenance of the store. The starting salary for those in Kmart manager positions is usually about $25,000 a year that goes up to about $70,000 a year, depending on experience, responsibility and store location.

Kmart also often needs to hire other workers to fill corporate positions as well as specialty positions in some of the stores. These include grocery workers, cake decorators, pharmacy workers, office assistants and other types of professional employees. There are grocery stores in many Kmart stores today as well as copying centers and photo centers that need personnel.

Employee Benefits:

All Kmart staff enjoy several work benefits including flexibility of scheduling, paid training on the job and highly competitive pay rates for employees in the retail industry. There are also additional job benefits available to some eligible employees. Some workers at Kmart will be able to get health and wellness such as medical and dental insurance options, life insurance, and 401K retirement options. In addition, they will get vacation and holiday pay, paid sick days and even adoption assistance. There are also associate discounts that are available as well to those who work at Kmart. To find out more, go here to read about Kmart benefits.



KMart History:

Kmart goes all the way back to 1897 with Sebastian S. Kresge and John McCrory who started the company. Kresge bought out McCrory in 1907 and the Kresge brand had 85 stores throughout the United States by 1912 when it began operating as the S.S. Kresge Corporation. The first Kmart brand store was opened in 1962 and Kresge Corporation became Kmart Corporation in 1977. In 2005, Kmart and Sears merged together and today Kmart operates as a subsidiary of Sears Holding Company.

Kmart stores offer a variety of services. Many of their stores are open 24 hours and have a pharmacy, photo center and complete grocery store. There are even self service laundries attached at some of the Kmart stores and they typically offer everything from that which is offered in a traditional department store to frozen foods and grocery fare. Most of the Kmart stores today operate as a super store that have everything located under one convenient roof, including department store items and full grocery store items.

Financial Position:

Kmart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation. Sears Holdings is based at their headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and is traded publicly on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol SHLD. Kmart currently has more than 1300 stores in North America and reports yearly revenues of about $15 billion dollars. Sears Holdings has about 300,000 employees worldwide and report annual revenues of nearly $43 billion dollars.

In addition to their North America locations, there are Kmart stores internationally as well. These include those in Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. They are also considering international expansions as Sears Holdings licenses more than 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand. Kmart is also planning to expand to Central as well as South America. More KMart Financial Information

Local Involvement in the Community:

Sears Holdings Corporation is the Kmart parent company and is one that gives back to the communities. IN 2011, Kmart for Kids raised more than $70 million dollars through its foundation. They also work hand in hand with the March of Dimes, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, American Diabetes Association. In addition, the Sears Holdings works to benefit Heroes At Home to benefit American military veterans in a partnership with the Rebuilding Together organization.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Awareness:

Both Kmart as well as Sears Holdings strongly enforce energy management policies that include the use of smart lighting as well as smart water fixtures and work towards the reduction of waste. They utilize recycling and support sustainable solutions for building projects. They offer many eco-friendly products as well as environmentally friendly goods and healthy goods.

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