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Electronics, Clothing, Toys, Home Hardware, Grocery, Etc.


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Distribution, Logistics, Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, Operators, Etc.

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Customer Service Jobs:

Support Processing, Polls, Telemarketing, Promotions, Call Processing, Etc.

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Healthcare Jobs:

Home Care Specialists, In-Home Rehabilitiation, Home Caregivers, Etc.

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Entry Level Jobs:

Internships, College Jobs, Jobs for Teenagers, School Jobs, Etc.

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UPS, FedEx, Private Carriers, Special Contents Haulers, Office Building Mail

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Concierge, Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders, Housekeepers, Etc.

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Education Jobs:

Teaching Assistants, School Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers Etc.

Automotive Jobs

Automotive Jobs:

Car Sales, Oil Change and Maintenance, Tire Replacement Techs, Etc.

Jobs which do not require a college degree do not necessarily have low compensation. There are many trades and technical assistant jobs currently available in the job force, which only require a high school diploma. Your main challenge will most likely not be your qualifications for the job, but rather the chance of someone with more education beating you to the punch.

With the economy in its current state, under employment is climbing along side unemployment. Underemployment occurs when an individual chooses to take a position, for which he or she is overqualified. An example of this would be someone with a masters degree taking a retail position at Wal-Mart.

It is hard to compete with overqualified individuals sometimes, but don’t fret, there is still hope. The good news for someone searching for jobs which do not require a college degree is that many employers are not comfortable with hiring an overqualified individual. This is because they know that person is only there as a temporary solution and training that person may be a waste of their time, since he or she will be gone as soon as opportunity comes knocking.

This can work to your advantage and is a perfect reason of why you should not feel as if your chances are reduced by those with higher education. Additionally, the job categories above often offer good benefits to their employees and you should consider this along with the offered pay. Take the time to consider the job fields we have presented you with above and you may be well on your way to starting a successful career.

The job application categories above have been created to help those, who are in need of guidance with discovering all the employment opportunities currently available. These are jobs which do not require a college degree in most cases and are most suitable for those who have not attended further education after high school. We have made an effort to find jobs, which pay better than average for those who do not have a college degree and will continue to improve this area of our site.



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