Toys R Us Application Tips

Toys R US is one of the world’s leading retailers of toys, baby products and children’s clothing. It once was the largest retailer of toys in the United States but lost out to the retail giant, Walmart, in 1999. However, this store is still the “stuff” that kids’ dreams are made of and with over 1600 stores; it can be a dream job for many adults, too.

There are a few tips that can help you complete a Toys R Us application that gives you a better chance of getting hired. Because there are so many possibilities for career development at this toy store giant, it is important to start with knowing which jobs you qualify for. Toys R Us does not provide a printable job application. You must apply online.

Tip #1 Fill the Application Out Completely

When it comes to Toys R Us application tips, the most important is to fill the application out completely. Many applicants are denied solely on the basis that application is not filled out correctly or completely. If there is no applicable answer for a specific blank, then fill it in with “Not Applicable” or “N/A.”

Tip #2 Upload Your Resume

One of the first questions that you will be asked when filling out a Toys R Us application online is if you want to upload your resume. It is highly recommended that you do so. It allows the Human Resources to get a better picture of your skills, qualifications, and experience.

Tip #3 Check for Errors

The next part of the Toys R Us application will be your personal information. You will be asked to provide your name, contact information, the rate of pay that is desired, and whether you have ever worked for Toys R Us before. You will also need to specify if any of your family members or friends currently work for Toys R Us. If you have a criminal record, you will need to choose the appropriate answer for those questions. Make sure that you carefully check this section for errors. A transposed phone number or incorrect email address may make it very difficult for the company to get in touch with you regarding a job opening.

Tip #4 Choose Your Availability Carefully

Listing that you are available for any hours on any day is best; however, if you are not available for specific periods of time or days, make sure you are truthful about it. An interview may be scheduled based upon your availability and if it is determined that you aren’t really available for the hours you say you are, the interview may end quite abruptly.

Tip #5 List Your Complete Job History and Education

You should list your full employment history and education in the final steps of the Toys R Us application. Highlight any experience you have working with children or youth. This is often one of the most desirable skills you will have. In addition, if you have any volunteer experience with children, list that as well.

In Closing

Your Toys R US application will not be immediately processed unless there is a current job opening in the area you are interested in. The company keeps a running pool of applications and uses those applications when there is a n opening. Your application is kept on file for six months, after which time you will need to reapply.