Tips For Writing A Winning Information Technology Resume

If you are an IT professional and are looking for a job, you are in luck! This is undoubtedly a hot sector right now, with plenty of organizations looking for employees who are IT professionals. However, on the flip side, more and more people are recognizing the potential of this sector and are joining mainstream Information Technology courses in an attempt to capitalize on this opportunity. What this means is, even though there are plenty of IT job openings, getting one is not going to be all that easy.  You can definitely expect some stiff competition when chasing any IT job vacancy. One of the best things you can do to be one up on your competition is to write craft an Information Technology resume that will make the reader sit up and say, “Wow! This is someone we definitely want in our company!”

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Examples of IT Jobs

IT jobs could include: Software Designers, Web Designers, Data Administrators, Network Administrators, Software Engineers, Computer Programmers, Web Developers, Technical Support, Database Analysts, Systems Managers and Interactive Media Developers.
Regular Resume V/S Information Technology Resume

Given that IT spans so many different aspects, it is very important that you put special emphasis on those technologies that you specialize in, whether it is programming languages, software, systems admin, operating systems or computer hardware. Unlike other resumes where your experience and achievements would be written in chronological sequence, when writing an Information Technology resume, it is better to include your areas of expertise right at the top of the resume, just after the summary so it catches the eye of the reader right off. You do not want your potential employer to have to search for the highlights of your proficiency.

Simplify your Information Technology Resume

Another important thing to keep in mind is that very often, all resumes go through human resources first where the more impressive ones are shortlisted and sent to the IT department head. Now, the person reading your Information Technology resume may not necessarily be very knowledgeable about all the technical terms and terminology that you’ve mentioned therein. In order to make your resume more readable, you will have to provide more details when explaining your achievements in any particular technical environment.

Also, even if you have dabbled in several different aspects of IT, when writing your information technology resume, try and include only your experience and achievements that are relevant to the job at hand. Avoid writing a lengthy list that has nothing to do with the position you are applying for as this can cause the reader to lose focus of the key points. When you narrow it down, you help the reader stay focused on your core competencies, which is what you want. 

Mention Your Soft Skills

So your Information Technology resume has enough technical terms and explanations to impress anyone reading it. But wait, that’s not enough. There’s one more thing any prospective employer will be looking for and that is if you have the soft skills necessary to fit in. Make sure you include a sentence or two highlighting your non-technical abilities, even if it is just your communication skills.