Keeping Your Job – How to Make Your Boss Hate You

Angry BossMaking your boss like you is not always as easy as you might think, and there are a number of mistakes employees often make that should be avoided. If you want to stay on your employer’s good side, make sure to follow these tips carefully. They might help you keep your job for longer than you think.

1. When You Make Your Boss Look Bad

While it is unlikely that you will go out of your way to make your boss seem stupid or incompetent, there is a good chance that you could be doing this unconsciously. Failure to provide your boss with important information, delivering poor quality work, or showing up late not only makes you look bad, but can damage your employer’s image as well. It is definitely a better idea to go out of your way to make your boss look good, without pointing out flaws or other issues he may have.

2. When You Ask a Few Too Many Questions

It is completely natural to have questions related to your job and to be concerned you are doing things right, but you need to realize that you were hired to make life easier for your boss. It is not your employer’s job to spend a lot of time answering every question you have. Before you follow through with the urge to walk into your boss’s office and ask a ton of questions, consult your coworkers first or try to figure things out on your own.

3. When You Get Worked Up About Things

Some things are simply not worth overreacting for; most things, really. Behaving irrationally or emotionally when things go wrong will almost inevitably lead to the disapproval and consternation of your boss. Before getting worried and letting others know about it, take a deep breath and try to think reasonably about the situation. Most of the time it is unnecessary to expose yourself to the stress.

business time4. When You Create More Problems Than Solutions

This is an unfortunate mistake that many employees make, especially in the initial stages of their employment. Bringing new problems to the table instead of working hard to find solutions on your own can really make your boss irritated. When you encounter a problem, take some time to come up with a solid plan of action with several possible solutions to the issue, instead of expecting your boss to know what to do. This will relieve pressure your boss could face, because there will be options to choose from and he won’t have to do all of the legwork.

5. When You Answer Questions The Wrong Way

When your boss comes in to ask you how your day is going, what work you are going to complete during the day, and what your goals are, you may not always want to answer directly. When employers ask these kinds of questions it is usually because they want information on whether or not you are being an asset to the company. Make sure to provide plenty of thorough information on how you are contributing and read between the lines when asked these seemingly trivial questions.

6. When You Tell Your Boss How To Do His Job

This is often a problem for some young people, who may have minor issues with authority. It is easy to think that you know the best way, but it is definitely not your job to tell your boss to do things differently. Questioning your boss’s judgment will more often than not result in your losing your job. Offering the occasional suggestion in a polite way is fine, but never make it seem as if you have the best answer.

As you can see, there are a number of seemingly inconsequential mistakes that you can make on the job which could make your boss dislike you. Most of these can be avoided quite easily when you learn to recognize what your job is and follow through with it carefully. You do not always need to be in agreement with everything your boss says or does, but at the same time it is not your position to question his actions. If you want to keep your boss happy, it is often best to be a real problem solver, rather than someone who bogs down productivity by creating more problems.