CEO Resume – Showcase Your Leadership Qualities

A CEO resume can be somewhat difficult to write, especially if you have been with the same company for many years. Obviously, it takes a great deal of experience, skills, and some rather impressive qualifications to compete for a CEO job. However, your resume must also reflect your leadership qualities and your professionalism.

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Leadership Above All Else

Showcasing your leadership qualities is one of the most important components in a CEO resume. This can be done in a number of ways. If you have been at the top of a company before, then you’ll be able to show this in your work experience. However, if this is the first CEO position that you are working towards, then you’ll need to show leadership in other ways. It might be as a manager or head of a department. You may have led a team of employees for years, improving company revenue or their customer base. Perhaps you have been in charge of a branch of a non-profit organization. The best case scenario is to place your leadership qualities through every part of your resume.

You can highlight these qualities in your work experience, but also in your educational experience. If you graduated from college many years ago, it’s still all right to mention that you were the class president. You will want to show that you started out as a leader and that you still are today on your CEO resume. If you have worked for several corporations as a CEO, then it’s not quite as important to list your educational leadership roles.

Highlight Your Other Qualities, Too

You will want to show that your skills are not just limited to leadership on your CEO resume. You should also be able to quantify specific goals that the companies attained while under your guidance. The use of percentages and numbers helps draw the eye of the reader and can make a very positive impression. It’s also important to relate skills and experience that directly pertain to the type of industry that the company is in. For example, a computer company looking for a CEO may not be interested in hiring a CEO from the restaurant industry. If you have specific experience or skills that will work well within the industry, make sure those are highlighted in your resume. Use bullet statements to make this information stand out.

Proper Formatting

Your CEO resume should not be more than one page in length and that is often hard to do when you have a lot of skills, qualifications, and experience to list. Before you worry about the length of your resume, though, make sure you include everything you think might be needed. This will ensure that you don’t leave out important points. You can always go through your resume later if it too long and start removing parts that may not seem so important now. Use a traditional font and font size, as well as a very high quality resume paper.

In Closing

You want to grab the attention of the reader right from the beginning of your CEO resume. Use numbers and bullet statements whenever possible. Above all, highlight your leadership qualities to show you are the best choice for the CEO position.