Putting Military Resume Examples To Good Use

The transition from being a military professional to working in a civilian job can be difficult for most veterans.  However the accomplishments achieved during their military career can help to carve a career path for most.  The key to getting a civilian job is to write a good resume that lists out the objectives and services specifically so that the interviewer is aware of the analytical and interpersonal skills of the candidate and decide whether they can take up the relevant post. Check out various military resume examples before you write out your resume.

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Military Resume Example

Listing the Objectives

Before writing out a resume, it is advisable to introspect and decide which goal you wish to achieve.  You can perhaps write out different resumes for different posts if you are open to taking up any one of the posts that you are best suited to hold. Research the job you target and try to check out the skills and experience that the interviewers seek. It is important to remember not to cram the resume with unnecessary information that includes awards and distinctions that may not complement the required posting.

It is essential to check out several military resume examples before writing out your resume. Try not to go over two pages or you will lose the reader’s attention.  This may be difficult as you would have earned many credits as military personnel and would like to list out all of them. Try to list out relevant information that is pertinent to the post that you are applying for and highlight those accomplishments, training, job titles and duties, including awards that will make a good impression on the interviewer.

Keep the Language Simple

When you are writing out a military resume, you may inadvertently use jargon that a civilian may find hard to understand.  It is a good idea to check out a few military resume examples online and write out your resume using those as a template.

Highlighting your Skills

Your resume should answer the needs of the employers. Ask yourself what you can do for your employer and whether the job that you are enlisting for is suitable for you.  Will you be able to handle the job using your know-how and skills? List out your training and practical experience that may prove vital to deciding whether you are fit for the post. At this point, it is important to remember that computer skills will stand you in good stead.  If you have completed any advanced courses, be sure to mention them. Also mention instances where you leadership, teamwork, cross-functional skills, dedication and positive work ethics won you awards and distinctions. These qualities including communicative skills are what any organization looks for when selecting a candidate for the post.

Make sure you write your contact address on the resume as displayed in other military resume examples. Be open to feedback and suggestions and modify your resume till you have written out the perfect one that will help you get selected for that interview. Ensure that your resume is sent along with a cover letter. Good luck!