Attesting your Skills in the Job Reference Page

An interviewer will generally not ask for a job reference page when you send out your resume.  However, this is a good practice, provided you do not list the references in the resume page.  You should make out a separate page, where you provide names of 3 to 6 individuals for references as to your capabilities, conduct, professional attitude and other skills.  Some interviewers ask for this information once you have passed the preliminary round successfully.  However, it will save them time and perhaps give you an additional point, when you score at the interview.

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How a Job Reference Page Gives You The Competitive Edge

There are several important reasons for listing out references before applying for the job. Most organizations hire agencies to carry out a background check of employees before hiring them in their workplace.  This is also to protect themselves from hiring the wrong people with criminal records or medical health problems.  Therefore, if the organization is keen on hiring your services, they will find it easier to contact the individuals on your list of references and make more enquiries about you.  The job reference page is an important attestation of your skills, qualifications, abilities and professionalism. 

Tips For Using References

The organization will want to know your relationship to the individual you have mentioned, so make sure to include a few lines describing your involvement with the person concerned in the place you were previously employed.  You could give the name of your employer or one of your colleagues.  The professor or dean of your college could give you a suitable letter of recommendation.  If you are related to some important member in authority, you could use their name.  In every case, ensure that you personally call these people listed in your job reference page and get their permission to use their names as contacts.

The interviewer or organization may ask them about your interactive and personal skills.  They may want to find out more about your job performance and whether you were instrumental in the organization where you were previously employed.  Many interviewers will assess the skills of the person to be hired by finding out information about their leadership skills, punctuality, affability and other salient qualities.  You should send a copy of your resume to each of the persons listed on the job reference page so that they are aware of your qualifications and abilities and can answer questions about you immediately.

A Few Final Thoughts

Before you list out the references, ponder carefully on each and make sure that they will answer questions in a positive light about your abilities to the potential employer. Make sure you write out their name, title, address and contact number in the right format in the job reference page

Select references who can attest not only your work skills, but also your social skills, as these are important considerations that any organization looks for when hiring people for responsible positions in their workplace. Getting a job is all about making the right impact with effective writing and communication skills.  The rest is up to you when you attend the interview in person and let them know that you are the right person for the job!