Free Resume Distribution Resources

One of the problems commonly experienced by jobseekers, particularly those who are looking for jobs for the first time, is the difficulty they have in getting prospective employers to even look at their resumes. Prospective employers are usually on the lookout for experienced individuals, and as such, they tend to ignore resumes sent in by those who have had little or no prior job experience. The only solution that was previously available to first time jobseekers was to send their resume to as many prospective employers as possible, in the hopes that at least some of them would be more willing to consider hiring someone without much job experience. With current methods of resume distribution, however, a much more effective solution is available to first time jobseekers and those with little prior job experience.

Simply put, resume distribution is the solution to the problem of not being able to get your resume out to enough prospective employers. In reality, the more prospective employers you get your resume out to, the more likely it is that you will find a job, sayings about quality over quantity notwithstanding. By getting your resume out using the right resume distribution service, you will be able to reach a much wider pool of potential employers, thus greatly increasing your chances that one of those potential employers is looking for just someone like yourself.

Of course, the process of getting your resume listed on a resume distribution service is not as straightforward as it might seem at first. You can definitely be forgiven for thinking that it is simply a matter of finding some form of online resume database and listing your resume there, alongside the hundreds of thousands of other resumes that other people have already uploaded.

Niche Job Boards

While listing your resume on a generic resume distribution service is definitely a legitimate course of action, it would be much quicker and more effective to list it on a niche resume distribution service. A niche resume distribution service is one that offers a variety of different categories that are based on much more specific factors, such as geographic location, industry, position, skills, and other similar factors. This helps to narrow down the pool of potential candidates and allows potential employers to focus their attentions on a smaller pool of more suitable job applicants.

You will find a variety of different resume distribution websites listed on the home page of the CareerRush website, and all of these resume distribution websites offer effective means of getting much wider exposure for your resume on the internet. Before you choose to list your resume on any one of them, however, you should definitely determine exactly what sort of category your preferred job falls in and try to list your resume on a niche job board that has a corresponding category. This will ensure that the exposure your resume gets is of the right sort and to the right prospective employers so that you will find employment in a shorter time.

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