Thank You Letter Examples Help Keep Things In Perspective

Thank You Letter ExamplesSending your interviewer a thank you letter is a nice touch. It shows that in addition to having the qualification and experience for the job at hand, you are also courteous and well mannered. A thank you letter is a small gesture that carries a lot of weight and will help you stand out from the rest of the pack. Professional etiquette is something that employers will look for in a potential employee and unfortunately many candidates fall short in this department. If you’ve never written one before, it is a good idea to check out a few thank you letter examples.

A Thank You Letter is Much More Than Just That

You may wonder what’s the big deal about having to read examples of thank you letters. After all, you’ve written hundreds of thank you notes before, thanking family and friends either for some gift given to you or perhaps some help extended. However, this thank you letter is a bit different. In fact, it is significantly different from personal thank you notes.

When you browse through a few thank you letter examples, you will see that a thank you letter written to a potential employer who has just interviewed you is indeed much more than just saying thank you. This letter actually opens up an unexpected additional opportunity for you to market yourself in a subtle manner.

Think back about the interview. How did it go? Do you think it went well? Was there something you wanted to say but didn’t get the opportunity to? Did you answer a question not quite the way you wanted to? A thank you letter gives you another chance to get your ideas across and to make amends for anything that may have gone wrong during the interview. If the interview went great guns, this letter is a great way to gently remind your interviewers about your qualifications and your experience. 

Hit the Right Note with Thank You Letter Examples

One of the most important aspects about thank you letters is getting the tone just right and this is where thank you letter examples can be especially helpful. A thank you letter should not be too casual and friendly; your interviewer is not your friend no matter how friendly he or she may have been during the interview. However, a letter that is overly stiff and formal shows that you are in awe of the person who interviewed you and you do not want to do that either. When you read through thank you letter examples take note of exactly how these examples manage to navigate the middle path between too casual and too formal.

A Final Thought About Using Thank You Letter Examples

When looking through thank you letter examples, it can be very tempting to pick an impressive letter and pass it off as your own. Don’t! Chances are the interviewer would have seen the same sample several times over and will recognize it right off. Instead, a little time spent personalizing the example will help you earn those all important brownie points that will make a difference between being accepted or rejected for the job at hand.