The Job Market: Supply and Demand

Crowd of BusinessmenOdds are either yourself or someone you care about is currently striving to complete a higher level of education. With few good jobs available, many have taken a step back and most likely accepted a lower level of employment (Also known as Underemployment) or a spouse is carrying the family while the other is going to school. Before you or a loved one gets too far down the college or tech school path, there are some very important factors to assess, such as target job saturation and your intended employer or general job market.

The Underlying Problem

Ask most of the younger generations coming out of high school and heading to college about their plans and you may begin to notice some recurring patterns. Nursing, Teaching, or the all too popular, “I don’t know?” You’d be surprised to discover how many new college students still do not know what they want to do, especially the number of students in their second or third years of college, who still don’t have a clue.

Without seeming too abrasive, have you targeted one of these popular job markets such as Nursing or Education? If so, you may want to stop and reassess your situation. The number of people coming out of college with degrees in such fields are finding themselves unable to find a job, because so many others had the same idea. Ironically, the least popular majors such as those in Computer/ Information Science and the Numerous Engineering Fields have more demand than there are people to fill.

There are similarities between the popular and unpopular majors starting to arise. For example, Engineering Majors typically have “weeder” courses such as Calculus I, Physics I, and Chemistry I, which are noted for having high failure or withdrawal rates. Following this example, Nursing and Education majors are beginning to develop their own more stringent requirements; however, the damage is pretty much done.

Many people with degrees are now flooding the popular job markets already and ironically, the financial aid to educate these unemployed; yet, educated individuals came from tax dollars. The same tax dollars being used to continue providing low income support programs (Food Stamps, Free Day Care, etc.) for the same educated people in many cases.

College GraduatesWhat is Your Ultimate Goal?

We could go on and on about how the system is continuously handicapping itself, but the real question is, “What are you going to do?”

If you are planning to pursue a higher education, then what do you plan to do with it? Is there a place that you specifically have in mind? If so, what is your back-up plan if nothing is available at that employer in a few years, when you get your degree or certification? Is there another place with similar needs for your intended skill set nearby? Are they a strong company that has been there for a while now or are they newly established?

Do you plan to move if necessary, in order to reap the benefits of your newly acquired education?

Sorry for All of the Questions

We’re just trying to get your mind going, in order to help you plan accordingly, but the fact of the matter is that these are very relevant questions. Many people do not even consider the impact to their plans, if a major life event occurs such as having a baby, during their pursuit of happiness.

What is Currently Available Where You Live?

The bottom line is that you need to consider all of your options, both now (with your current experience) and in the future. (With your degree or certification) Right now… with what you already know, have you looked at what is available locally? (And we mean actually considered what’s available in your area.) Some opportunities may not seem attractive at first; however, they are capable of meeting your financial plans in many cases.

For example, some people would never consider managing an auto parts store, but there are auto parts store managers making considerably more than many nursing positions. (And the parts store manager never went to college in many cases)

All that we’re saying is that maybe you should check what’s available in your area, even if you are not seriously looking, you will at least know what is available. Take a look at our Job Applications Section and click the “Find Job Applications By Zip Code” button. You may see something of interest, which you didn’t even think of.

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