Job Interview Tips: Clean Up Your Social Pages

One of the most important job interview tips for today’s job seeker is to clean up your social pages. Employers are now spending time on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter searching for accounts for potential employees. It’s worth their time when they come across an account for a very qualified individual, but what is posted isn’t what an employer should see.

What to Get Rid Of

Obviously, there are some things that should be avoided on your social pages. For example, nudity, profane language, illegal drug use, or excessive alcohol use can all portray you in a very negative light. However, these things are not the only ones that will get you into trouble. Perhaps you post up a status on Facebook about how you “snowed” the interviewer. Maybe you rave about a competitor’s product. Some employers state that they have come across social pages that list an array of past-times, some of which include skydiving, motorcycling or bull riding. Obviously, these could be a concern for some employers. Most job interview tips will tell you to avoid disclosing these types of favored pastimes.

There are other things to consider, as well. Perhaps you exaggerated a bit on your resume and the real truth lies in your profile. Maybe you have listed ten different organizations that you belong to or volunteer for. While this isn’t a bad thing, it could show a potential employer that you are simply too busy for a position that might require overtime or traveling. It’s hard to know what each employer will think, so when considering job interview tips, take as much to heart as possible about your social pages.

Change the Access

If you do not want to get rid of all those posts, pictures, and videos then perhaps it’s time to limit the access to them. Most social sites allow you to say who can see all of your information and who can only see a small part. Limiting the access to your pages to only your closest friends and family is a good way to ensure that what you did in Vegas really stayed in Vegas! Some people create two accounts, but make no mistake. Employers are very resourceful. Cleaning up your social pages should be at the top of most job interview tips!

What to Leave Up

If you don’t want to limit the access, then use your social pages to represent someone any employer would be glad to hire. For example, highlight your education, training, and experience in your profile. List a couple of organizations you belong to and make a comment every now and then about how excited you are about an upcoming interview. This is what employers want to see. They do not want to be embarrassed due to content on social pages that belong to their employees. Remember not to bash your previous employers, either. This is one of those job interview tips that everyone should pay attention to.

In Closing

The best job interview tips today include those about cleaning up your social pages. Employers are searching the social sites before they make a hiring decision. They want employees that are more concerned with working hard than playing hard. This does not mean that you can’t play hard – just hide it better!

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