Do You Need an Interview Thank You Letter?

Not too long ago, an interview thank you letter was sent out by the majority of job seekers after an interview. Today, however, that practice is becoming less frequent. Unfortunately, this is still a step in the interview process that should be completed. Employers estimate that only about ten percent of applicants take the time to write such a letter, but these employers will also tell you that these letters are appreciated. Not only is it polite, it’s also may be the last chance you have to remind a potential employer of your qualifications and experience.

What to Say:

Sometimes, the most difficult part of writing an interview thank you letter is simply getting started. This does not have to be a long letter; in fact, it only needs to be about three paragraphs. There are a few things that should be included, though. First, you do need to thank the interviewer for their time. Secondly, you should mention one or two things that you liked about the company. Perhaps these are based on information that you found out during the interview. You should also mention at least one thing that was talked about during the interview.

Next, you should reiterate your skills, experience and qualifications. Keep this paragraph short but make sure you include the most important information. Your interview thank you letter will remind the interviewer of your meeting, but also serve as a reminder for the information on your resume. Highlight your best qualities here. If you do not have a lot of experience, then focus on your current skills, a willingness to learn or your education.

You should close this letter with a couple of sentences that show you are still very interested in the position. You want the interviewer to know that you really want to work for his or her company, but you shouldn’t make this portion seem like you begging. Companies are very aware of how difficult the job market is today. They know that everyone who applies is really hoping to get that job offer. Your interview thank you letter does need to sound professional, after all.

How and When to Send This Letter

If you have received emails in reference to your interview, then it is acceptable to send an interview thank you letter by email. However, you must ensure that the email address, the title and the name of the individual are all correct. If you are not sure of the spelling of the interviewer’s name, then check the company website or call the company directly. If there has been no communication by email, you should send this letter by regular mail. Whenever possible, you should send the letter by email or post within 24 hours of the interview.

Final Thoughts

An interview thank you letter is an important step in the job hunting process. While it’s only polite, it also gives you a chance to “shine” once more to the interviewer. Keep the letter professional and don’t forget to actually thank him or her for their time.

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