Information Technology Cover Letter Examples

Information technology cover letter examples can be of tremendous help when you are crafting this important letter as part of your job hunting paperwork. Since information technology encompasses so many different career opportunities, it’s important that this letter expressly states which positions you are qualified for and interested in. Today’s computer-based world will only continue to need more experienced people working to keep information flowing.

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Put the Examples to Work for You

You can find a wealth of information in an example cover letter. You will find not only the formatting options that will help you craft a professional looking information technology cover letter but also help with your word and phrase choices, what to include, and what you should probably leave out. The cover letter is one of the most important letters you can write. It helps a potential employer develop their initial impression of you. If this letter isn’t written professionally, with the right amount of information in it, that impression could be less than favorable.

When searching for an information technology cover letter, you should try to find one that is applicable to your experience and qualifications. For example, if you are a computer software engineer, you should specially state the qualifications and experience that you have. A network administrator should provide information about their previous work experience, using bullet statements to highlight the types of computer systems he or she has managed.

An information technology cover letter should not be full of abbreviations for different software programs or computer terminology unless those abbreviations are accepted globally. Using an acronym that the company doesn’t recognize will not score you any points – they won’t have a clue what you are talking about! Spell out the more confusing abbreviations to avoid any confusion.

Formatting Options

An information technology cover letter or any cover letter for that matter, should only be one page. If you just cannot seem to get all the information included in one page, give it to a friend to review. They may be able to identify some places that can work with less information. Keeping this letter professional is a must – use only traditional fonts and font sizes. Use a 12 point font whenever possible but do not go lower than a 10 point font just to get everything on one page. It will be too difficult for the reader to see. You should also use the standard business letter format and address the letter to a specific individual whenever possible. If there is no name given in the employment advertisement, then you may address it to the Human Resources Department.

A Few Final Thoughts

Creating an effective information technology cover letter is the first step in landing that dream job. Include the pertinent qualifications, experience, and skills that you have. You should also include a couple of statements about why you feel you would be a good choice for the open position. All of this information will help you create a cover letter that will peak the reader’s interest and hopefully get your resume to the top of the “call for an interview” pile.

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