Preparing a Law Enforcement Resume: Clean Up Your Social Pages

A law enforcement resume is an important part of the application process; however, some applicants decide that it’s not really necessary since the application itself can be so long. Even though you will complete an extensive background packet and application, a resume gives the department a chance to see what you have to offer in terms of skills, qualification, and experience. There are few other things that you should be concerned about before you submit the resume and application, though.

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Clean Up Your Social Pages

Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are some of the most popular social networks today. It seems like everyone has at least one account, but there are times when these social pages can do you a lot of harm. For example, the pictures of you when you had a few too many drinks and danced on the table at the local bar is probably not something that a potential employer wants to see. You may have a fantastic law enforcement resume, but if your social pages are full of some rather questionable material, you may find that you are passed over for the job.

Do Employers Really Look at Social Pages?

Within the last couple of years, more and more employers are searching through the social websites to try to find out as much information as they can about applicants. Many companies and especially law enforcement agencies are concerned about what the public will think of their employees. Social pages that are full of unprofessional pictures, cursing, or references to illegal activities can actually cost you a position in a law enforcement agency. When you start creating your law enforcement resume, you should also take a few minutes to review your social pages and see if you’re comfortable with your employer looking at what is posted.

Does It Really Matter What I Do on My Own Time?

For some employers, what you do on your free time is of great interest. There are some employers that restrict certain activities while you are employed with them. For example, some insurance companies may charge an employer higher rates for employees that skydive or ride a motorcycle. If these activities are listed on your social pages, a potential employer may feel that hiring you could end up costing the company more money. They may also wonder if you will be injured and unable to work, leaving the company in a bind. As a law enforcement officer, what you do off duty is just as important as what you do while you are on duty. Your law enforcement resume may be outstanding, but if your social pages show that you have been in fights at a bar, like to drive too fast, or other activities, they may feel it’s just too much of a risk to hire you.

In Closing

Make sure your social pages look as good as your law enforcement resume. If you don’t want to remove pictures or profile information, then at least make your social pages private. This will keep some of the more unprofessional information out of the wrong hands!

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