Pharmaceutical Resume: List Your Specific Equipment Experience

Creating a resume for a particular industry or position can often be easier than writing one that is generic in nature. For example, a pharmaceutical resume can encompass a number of different careers, but it is also a great chance for you to highlight your most impressive skills and training. Since there are so many different types of equipment that are used in this type of industry, the more opportunities exist where you can show your value as an employee.

Our Example:

Effective Resume Writing

A pharmaceutical resume is used by pharmacists, of course but there are a number of potential jobs that are related to the industry. From the biotech industry and clinical research to chemical engineering and direct sales, the list of jobs is extensive. A well written pharmaceutical resume is essential to landing one of these jobs. This resume is written in the same format as other industry resumes, but you will want to include the specific equipment experience that you have. This equipment might include auto-capsule filling machines, autoclaves, and crystallizers. Most of these pieces of equipment will require extensive training programs and some may even require a license in order to operate them. Each piece that you can operate will increase your value to potential employer.

Whenever you write a pharmaceutical resume, it’s important to use bullet statements whenever possible. This helps draw the attention of the reader to those sections. Use bullet statements for listing your skills, such as operating specific equipment. You should also quantify your accomplishments, using numbers and percentages. This helps draw attention, as well. When writing about your education, include any special honors that are relative, such as in chemistry, biology, and math.

Formatting Options

There are a couple of formatting options that you can choose from when writing a pharmaceutical resume. If you have a solid work history in the industry, you should choose a chronological format. This will show off that work history. If you are new to the employment arena or if you have had several employers in just a few years, then a functional resume will work best. This resume will focus more on your skills and qualifications than on your experience.

It’s important to make sure your resume looks professional. This includes using high quality resume paper, traditional fonts and font sizes, and black ink. While these may seem rather mundane, it’s what employers expect and it is professional. A pharmaceutical resume should capture the reader’s attention, but for the right reasons!

A Few Final Thoughts

A pharmaceutical resume needs to be professional and informative. Include your specific skills, qualifications, and experience. Make sure to list any equipment you can operate, as this is one thing that employers often look for. You should also use keywords that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry, so employers can search for your resume online. Use bullet statements whenever possible to draw attention to your best qualities. A resume is your first chance to make a fantastic impression on potential employers. Best of luck in your pharmaceutical job search.

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