Writing a Cover Letter for a Human Resources Position

When you are writing a cover letter, human resources positions included, you will need to make sure it is professional, error free and very well written. This is the first impression that a potential will have of you, so this needs to be an outstanding letter. Here are some tips that can help you write this cover letter for a human resources position. As you can imagine, there is probably no other department in a company that sees more of these letters and resumes.

Use Numbers and Percentages Whenever Possible

When creating your paragraphs about your experience, skills, qualifications, and accomplishments, it’s best to use numbers and percentages. Bullet statements are good as well and they help draw the attention of the reader. Quantifying these statements is a fantastic way to make sure this section of your cover letter is read. You don’t want someone to just skim through your cover letter. Human resources employees see hundreds, if not thousands, of cover letters and resumes every year. You must make sure yours stands out for the right reasons.

Keep It Professional

You don’t want to draw attention for the wrong reasons, which is also easy to do with a cover letter. Human resources departments have probably seen just about everything, including colored paper or colored ink, crazy fonts, an overload of clip art and tons of other errors. It is important that when writing this cover letter, you use only high quality resume paper and traditional fonts; leave the color for your wardrobe. Times New Roman or Calibri fonts are solid choices and a 12 point font is the most common size for business communications.

Proofreading is the second most important thing you can do to your cover letter. Human resources personnel will see some of the most common and some of the strangest errors. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling all needed to be checked and then checked again. If possible, have a friend read through your finished letter. Many times when you write and edit a letter yourself, your eyes begin to skip over words and you can easily miss an error. This can ultimately cost you an interview.

If you are trying to land an interview for a human resources position, then there really isn’t anything as important as your cover letter. Human resources departments are looking for specific education, training, and experience. You must highlight this in the cover letter in order to keep your resume from landing in the “Do Not Call” pile. Remember that the personnel that work in this department are familiar with all the clichés, jargon, and lingo, but that doesn’t mean that it’s considered professional. If you’re not sure this letter sounds professional, it’s time to have that friend of yours read it again.

A Final Thought

One of the most important letters you will write is a cover letter. Human resources openings may hinge on how well this letter and your resume reads. You can find a number of sample cover letters online to help you create one that is effective, professional, and that gives you the best chance at an interview.

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