Writing a Summer Internship Resume

If you are a college student, chances are you will be writing a summer internship resume. Landing one of these internships not only gives you real working experience but it will look fantastic when you start submitting resumes for your first job after graduation. The process for creating such a resume is basically the same as it is for any other job. However, you will need to include some information that is generally not included on an employment resume.

What You Should Include in the Resume

You will need to include your personal information at the top of your internship resume, just as you would for an employment resume. The next section should highlight your education. Don’t just list the college or university you are attending. This section needs to be a little more in depth. Include your major, your GPA, and some of the course work that you excelled in. Include accomplishments such as making the “Dean’s List” or receiving a scholarship based upon your academic work.

The next section of your internship resume should include information about any previous internships you have been involved with. Be specific here, as well, and include your responsibilities during that time. If possible, use numbers or percentages whenever possible. This will help draw the eye of the reader. Show that you can work well with a group or independently and make a special note if your responsibilities increased during the time you spent there.

The next section of your internship resume should highlight any regular work experience you have, especially that which is relevant to the internship. Next, include any volunteer work or co-curricular activities, such as being an editor for the college newspaper. Complete the resume with a skills section, focusing on those skills that will best benefit the internship program. These might include general office, computer, or finance skills.

What Not to Include in the Resume

Your internship resume does not need to include a “References” section. This is generally something that the internship committee will ask for if they want it. They may also request your transcripts or letters of recommendations, so be prepared to have those ready if needed. Many students also take summer classes, so you will want to ensure that the hours of the internship will not affect your coursework.

When to Apply

Most summer internship programs have very specific deadlines for receiving internship resumes and applications. Take care not to miss the deadline or you will have to wait until the next. If you are applying for a number of different positions, you may need to tailor your resume to each, highlighting different skill that will look more attractive to each type of business.

In Closing

Writing an internship resume isn’t really difficult, but it is a bit different than an employment resume. Make sure to proofread the resume for any grammar or spelling errors. If possible, have a friend look over it too, so you know that you didn’t miss anything. An error can damage your chances for selection, no matter how minor it may seem to you.

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