Is a Thank You Letter After Interview Needed?

Once you’ve met with the interviewer, do you really need to send a thank you letter after interview? While this letter is often forgotten, the answer is an unequivocal yes! Employers report that only about twenty percent of people they interview take the time to compose and send an interview thank you letter. However, these same employers will also be the first to tell you that this letter is noticed and it can make difference in a close decision on who is hired.

What to Say in your Thank You Letter

Writing a thank you letter after interview isn’t that difficult, but it does need to include a few important points. Consider this your final appeal for the job and your last chance to impress a potential employer. While you do not want to include every part of your resume, you do want to use this chance to highlight a couple of great points about your experience and training. You should also mention an important moment in the interview that was in your favor. For example, you might have talked about a particular software program that you are familiar with. This will help remind the interviewer of your meeting and something positive about it as well.

When and Where to Send the Letter

A thank you letter after interview should be sent within 24 hours after your meeting. You can send it through the regular postal service, drop it off in person, or if there has been previous communication through email, send it online. The sooner you send it the better. Not only with the interview still be fresh in your mind, but in your interviewer’s mind, too.

Send it to the interviewer. This is also one reason why it is important to get a business card while you are there. If not, you may have a hard time remembering the name and title of whom you interviewed with. Make sure you address the thank you letter after interview with the name spelled correctly, too. You are not racking up any points when you misspell someone’s name!

Convey Your Interest

One of the best reasons for sending a thank you letter after interview is to convey your continued interest in the open position. Many times, people who interview for a position decide that the job really isn’t for them. Instead of continuing on in the hiring process, the interviewer should be told as soon as possible. However, when that does not happen, the interviewer just has to assume that an applicant still wants the job. By using your thank you letter to let him or her know that you are very interested in the job, you are more likely to get that call back.

In Closing

A thank you letter after interview is definitely a piece of correspondence that you need to send. It will be the last impression the interviewer has of you before making the final decision. Keep it professional and humble, but don’t plead or whine. Employers know how hard the hiring process is and that you and other applicants really need the job.

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