Sending a Thank You Letter after Interview Email

When you first start to write a thank you letter after interview email, you may find that words aren’t coming as easily as you expected. It is often hard to find the right tone, with a mix of sincerity and professionalism. You want to let the interviewer know that you appreciate their time, but you also want to effectively highlight your experience, training, and skills. Below, you will find a few tips to help you create a thank you email that will not only show your appreciation, but also that you are a good choice for the open position.

Start with a Thank You

You’ll want to begin with a sincere thank you for the interview. Make sure you also mention one or two things that you like about the company. However, you don’t want to “gush” or appear desperate. Keep the tone professional at all times. Your thank you letter after interview email should also include a point or two that was discussed during the interview. This will help remind the interviewer about your specific interview, but make sure to choose the most important parts. These might include mentioning a point in your education that the interviewer seemed impressed with or part of your education that you had in common with him or her.

The Main Body of the Email

You will want to highlight your skills and qualifications. This is not where you want to include everything that is on your resume or cover letter, but it will be the last chance you have to leave a good impression. Choose those skills and accomplishments that are most important. A thank you letter after interview email s should not be long-winded, but this is a crucial part of the email. If you don’t include these important factors, the interviewer may forget these points. After all, many interviewers conduct dozens of interviews for one single position.

The Final Paragraph

During the final paragraph, you will want to reaffirm your interest in the opening. This is another reason that you should send a thank you letter after interview email. Let the interviewer know that this is the job you want; however, keep your tone professional. Employers know that it’s a tough market right now for those seeking a job. You should end the letter with the appropriate complimentary closing, your name, and your phone number.

When to Send This Email

Since more and more companies are filling the openings in their company as quickly as possible, you should send a thank you letter after interview email within 24 hours of your meeting. Make sure you put the intent of the email in the subject line. It might read “Human Resources Manager Interview – Thank You. This will help ensure that your email is read. Avoid using any image files in your email, as many companies are now blocking these due to security.

A Final Thought

Your thank you letter after interview email is an important step in the job hunting process. Don’t neglect what could be the one thing that pushes you up over the competition. It will only take you a short while to compose it, but don’t let that minimize its importance.

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