Law Enforcement Cover Letter Writing Tips

When you are writing a law enforcement cover letter, it’s important that it appears professional, but also that it highlights your experience, qualifications, and skills. Many people find that writing an effective cover letter is more difficult than creating their resume. It is often hard to promote yourself through this letter, but that is exactly the point of it. You want to grab the reader’s attention so that they will continue reading and then move onto reading your resume.

Why Law Enforcement Jobs Are Different

You may be tempted to forego a law enforcement cover letter with your resume. This is often because there is generally an extensive application that must be completed, as well as a background check packet. It’s easy to feel as though you’re giving all the information about yourself that they could ever need. However, writing this cover letter is important. You are introducing yourself and this first impression needs to be a good one.

You should limit your law enforcement cover letter to a single page. While you don’t want to include everything that is on your resume, it is necessary to hit the high points. Use bullet statements to draw the reader’s eye to your accomplishments. Include numbers, percentages, and any other quantifying measure whenever possible. Use the correct terminology for the field and be sure to mention any special training you may have.

Other Points to Include

A law enforcement cover letter should also include a line or two about the agency you want to work for. This shows your interest in the department and not just in finding a job. You should attempt to show why you would be a good choice over other candidates, but realize that testing is often the deciding factor in who is ultimately offered a position. You will want to let your experience and training speak for itself, so at least you can create interest in your abilities.

Specialized training is a good thing to include, as well. There are several different types of law enforcement training, but some is more coveted than others are. Those having this type of training should make sure to include in their law enforcement cover letter. It will help ensure that it is noticed and acknowledged. Since most law enforcement employees require continuing education requirements in order to keep their license or certification valid, a statement or two regarding compliance with those requirement is also recommended.

A Few Final Thoughts

The law enforcement cover letter give applicants a chance to highlight their best qualities, including education, experience, and qualifications. It’s an important part of the application process and should not be overlooked simply because of the other required paperwork. As you introduce yourself to a prospective employer, it’s important to remember that these qualities are a major component of the hiring process. For those with limited experience, you should focus on your education and skills, allowing the reader to see that you are a good candidate for the open position. Best of luck in your law enforcement career.

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