Downloadable Sample Resumes from CareerRush

Has it been awhile since you wrote out your resume? Is it in serious need of an overhaul? One of the best ways to create a well written, professional resume is with downloadable sample resumes from CareerRush. You can find example resumes for just about any industry or specific job you can imagine. These samples will give you the starting point you need to fine tune your resume to one that gets put to the top of the interview stack!

Why Choose a Downloadable Resume Sample

The best part about downloadable sample resumes is that you can save it to your computer. You are then free to work on it at any time and it won’t require an internet connection. You can learn more about how to draw attention to specific areas of your resume by using bullet statements, numbers, and percentages. You can also find help for choosing strong, professional language that will get your resume noticed. Sometimes, it can difficult to figure out how to put your accomplishments into words. It is very important that you quantify these results whenever possible.

Which Format Is Best?

You can view several sample resumes to help you determine which type of format will work best for your employment history, skills, and educations. For example, if you have worked at several companies, but not at any for a longer period of time, then you may want to use a functional format. This format is designed to help highlight your skills and accomplishments, as well as your education. For those that have recently graduated or do not have a long work history, this format is a good choice. A chronological format is a good choice for those who have been employed for longer periods of time with the same company or have a more extensive work history. It focuses on your accomplishments at your job. There is also a combination of both the functional and chronological format. This is for those with a strong, solid work history and will show progressive responsibilities. Resume samples for this type of format will help you determine if it is a good choice for you.

Other Formatting Considerations

You will also want to take note of the font size and type. A professional looking resume is important. The sample resumes can help you decide which one if best for the industry in which you are seeking employment. It’s best to avoid unique or distinctive fonts. Instead, choose those that are common in the business world, such as Times New Roman. Keep the size of the font at either a 12 or 10 point. Anything smaller is difficult to read and anything larger can make it obvious that you are trying to fill up space on the page.

A Few Final Thoughts

Sample resumes allow you to see the options for your resume. Downloading them to your computer will allow you the freedom to review them at your own leisure. Creating an effective resume isn’t always easy. Any help that you can find online will get you started in the right direction.

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