Recall Interview Highlights with a Thank You Email After Interview

A thank you email after interview is a one of the best ways to recall the best highlights of your interview. This email is quite important, even if only about ten percent of all job applicants take the time to send it. You should consider this email as your last chance to make a good impression. Some employers interview dozens of applicants for one position. A thank you email to your interviewer will help him or her remember your specific interview, including your skills, experience, and qualifications.

What to Say:

When writing a thank you email after interview, try to remember some of the best points of your interview. Perhaps you spoke of a software program that you have extensive experience with or a piece of machinery that you are licensed to operate. Whatever you can do to help the interviewer specifically remember your interview in a good light is another step to you possibly getting a job offer.

First, be sure to thank the interviewer for their time. This is, after all, a thank you email after interview. Mention one or two positive things that you remember about the company. This might be a new product they have recently introduced or a new service that will help their clients. Next, highlight a positive moment from the interview. This will bring the memory of your interview to the forefront of the interviewer’s mind, even if only for a moment. You should also take this time to remind the reader about two or three of your strong hiring points, such as your experience or skills.

Finally, let the reader know that you are still interested in the position. Some people find that they are not as excited about a particular job after they have been through the interview process. If you know you will not accept an offer for employment, then it’s best to let the company know to remove your name from the list. However, if you are confident that this job is what you want, it’s all right to let the interviewer know that through your thank you email after interview. It’s important to keep this letter professional; don’t sound needy or exceptionally soppy. Employers are well aware of what a difficult job market there is today.

When and Where to Send Your Email

As long as there has been previous communication with the interviewer through email, this electronic form of communication is quite acceptable. If you have only spoken over the phone or if the employer has only sent communication through the mail, you should not use email. Make sure that you have the correct email address, as well as the proper title for your interviewer. Spelling his or her name wrong is not likely to win you any points! A thank you email after interview should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. Most employers fill their openings quite quickly.

A Final Thought

A thank you email after interview is one of the best ways to remind the interviewer that you are qualified for the opening. It is your last chance to bring your experience, education, and skills to the forefront.

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