CEO Resume Example and Cover Letter

When searching for a CEO position, you may feel as though it’s a never ending, uphill battle to find the right company to oversee. While many CEOs are recruited, others obtained this impressive position through submitting a CEO resume and cover letter, just like other job hunters. However, these resumes and cover letters tend to be much more involved than those for other positions are. Your resume must be exceptional and set you apart from the other candidates.

Resume Writing Tips

There is no need to hire someone to write your CEO resume. There are numerous examples available online for just about any industry you can imagine. Simply download one or two of these examples and see how the resumes are formatted. You can see how the header, with your name and contact information, is formatted and how the objective statement is worded. It’s important to remember not to copy and paste this information. You must tailor this resume to your own experience and qualifications – not someone else’s. Many companies are now checking resumes and cover letters to see if they have been plagiarized. This is certainly not the way you want to be remembered before your interview!

An example CEO resume can help you see who to list all of your education, experience, and qualifications in such a way as to draw the interest of the reader. This means paying close attention to the use of bullet statements, numbers, and percentages. Bullet statements are a great way to highlight your accomplishments. It’s also one of the parts of the resume that is almost always read completely, instead of just browsing over. When you combine percentages and numbers in these bullet statements, it will make these points even more powerful.

Cover Letter Tips

A CEO resume may be difficult to write, but the cover letter can be, too, if you are not really familiar with it. Many times, a CEO candidate has been employed at the same company for several years. A cover letter may not be something you are used to writing. However, consider this as your personal introduction to the company.

You will want to show you have the experience, education, and qualifications necessary to effective run and manage the company. However, remember that a cover letter should never be longer than one page. If you find you’re running over, then it’s time to remove some information. If you cannot figure out what to remove, then ask someone to look it over for you. They may be able to find sentences that aren’t really necessary.

Incorporate bullet points into your cover letter, too. This will help draw the attention of the reader, just as it did in the CEO resume. Use the numbers and percentages in your cover letter, as well. The most important job of the cover letter is to get the reader to move onto reading your resume. When written effectively, your cover letter and resume will be the stepping stone to your interview and hopefully a position as the company’s CEO.

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