Downloadable Interview Thank You Letters

Did you just finish an interview? It was pretty stressful, wasn’t it? All you want to do now is sit back and relax; however, you’re not quite done yet. You will need to write your interview thank you letters. Then you’ll have the process completed and you can sit back and wait for “the call.” This letter is more important than most people thank, so you should ensure that it is well written and professional. If you are not sure what to include in this letter, you will find a number of downloadable examples online.

Important Points to Remember

If you have communicated with the company via email before your interview, it is acceptable to send interview thank you letters by email instead of the regular mail. However, if the only communication has been through traditional mail or over the phone, you need to drop the letter off in person or mail it to the company. Make sure you have the interviewer’s name spelled correctly and that you include his or her correct job title. You should send this letter within 24 hours of your interview. Many companies are only interviewing the most qualified individuals for their job openings.

This means that it’s not taking long at all for companies to make their final decision on who they will hire. When your interview thank you letters arrive after the position has already been filled, it really doesn’t matter what the letter said! When writing your interview thank you letters, remember that this is your last chance to make a favorable impression. You want to highlight your best skills, experience, and qualifications, but you must be succinct in doing so.

This is a short letter, only consisting of three to four paragraphs. You don’t want to include everything that is in your resume. Only include those points that will make you a good choice for the open position. It’s important to include one or two things that were discussed during the interview. This is especially true if there was something that the interviewer liked about your qualifications. Whenever you can create a positive reminder of your interview, it’s a definite bonus in your favor.

Keep It Professional

You should keep the tone of your interview thank you letters professional. Do not gravel or appear desperate for the job. Employers are well aware of what a difficult time this is to be job hunting. It won’t help you score any points reminding them of such information; however, you should be sure to convey your continued interest in the position. Many people interview for a job only to realize it’s not the type of job they wanted. By stating that you are very interested in this opportunity, the interviewee will know that you haven’t lost your desire to obtain this particular job with his or her company. That is important.

In Closing

Interview thank you letters are often overlooked, but it is an important part of the job hunting process. Creating a thank you letter that is professional, informative and decidedly short is one of the best ways to ensure that your interview is remembered.

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