Thank You Email after Interview: Don’t Copy Multiple Contacts

Writing a thank you email after interview is an important part of the interview process. It’s not only polite; it is the last chance you will have to highlight your best qualities. Many companies today are making hiring decisions quickly, so it’s vital that you send this thank you email within 24 hours of your interview. If you have communicated with the interviewer by email before your actual interview took place, then an email is completely acceptable as the medium to send your thank you letter. However, if you have not had any email communication, then it is best to send the letter through the mail or to hand deliver it.

See Our Example Below: (Formatted as a Letter)

Proper Thank You Email Etiquette

Even though you may be using email to send your thank you letter, that is no excuse for a letter than is less than professional. You should ensure that you follow the traditional formatting for such a letter. This means that if you interviewed with more than one person, then you should send a separate email to each one. Do not just copy the email to multiple people. Create a thank you email after interview for each person. Try to remember something specific that each person spoke about during the interview. This will help serve as a reminder for your interview.

You should also include a paragraph highlighting your qualifications and experience; however, now is not the time to put in everything that was in your resume. Just hit the best points and don’t forget to include anything specific that you can bring to the company. For example, you may have experience with a specific piece of machinery or software that the company will be implementing. Perhaps you have extensive experience as a personnel manager and that is what the company needs. Include a sentence or two about what you liked about the company, too.

Your letter should end with your continued interest in the position and your hopes to hear from the company regarding the position. You do not want to sound needy or pitiful in this part of your thank you email after interview. All hiring managers are well aware that it is hard to find employment today and that many people are in desperate need of a job. You do not want to echo this desperation, though. Keep your letter professional and to the point. It shouldn’t be more than three or four paragraphs.

Some Final Thoughts

This thank you email after interview is often overlooked. In fact, only about ten percent of all interviewees actually take the time to write one. Employers do remember those who take the time to send it, however, so it is important that you get the wording and the tone just right.

Proofread the email carefully before you hit the send button. You don’t want grammar or spelling errors. These have a tendency to detract from the effectiveness of your email! Once this step is finished, all that is left is to sit back and wait to hear if you have the job. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part of the entire process.

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