Job Interview Tips: Clean Up Your Social Pages

Some of today’s most popular websites are social network sites. These include sites such as Facebook and Myspace. Account holders can create their own social pages, update their status, and stay informed of what their friends and family members are doing. Photos can be added, as well as likes, dislikes and all sorts of other information. However, when it comes to important job interview tips, cleaning up these social networking pages is close to the top of the list.

Do Employers Really Check?

The answer is yes. Employers do complete background checks on potential employees and today, that includes checking out the social networking sites. They want to know more about potential employees before they make an offer of employment. If these social pages contain items that may cause the company embarrassment, chances are that the applicant would not be hired. Many employment services are now providing job interview tips on how to clean up these public social pages so that job hunters aren’t pulled out of the employment process because of something that is posted.

What You Should Get Rid Of

While you may love that picture of the night you danced on the table at your favorite bar, it’s not likely to score many points with a potential employer. You should remove any photos that might not be looked at too favorably. These include pictures that may not even include yourself, but someone else in a very compromising situation. Any nudity should obviously be avoided, but you may not want your employer to know that you smoke or drink, either. Some companies do not want to hire a potential employee that spends their free time skydiving, riding motorcycles, or mountain climbing.

While it’s not always fair, it is simply what employers have started doing to help ensure their employees are not at a greater risk for injury. These are important job interview tips that can improve your chances of landing that dream job.

Does Blocking an Account Work?

Most of the major social sites do allow you to limit who sees all of your information. This can be an option for most people. However, with sites such as Facebook that show updates from friends, your comments to other people may be seen, as well. Keep this job interview tips in mind when you are commenting on what your friends did this past weekend or what plans you have for the upcoming weekend.

A Few Final Thoughts

Most applicants will agree that there are probably a few things they should change on their social networking pages. It’s difficult because you want to share your life with your friends and family members. If you can do so privately, it’s a much better idea than leaving nothing to the imagination for a potential employee. The age of the internet has certainly brought these kinds of job interview tips to the forefront. It would be a shame to lose a fantastic job opportunity because your social pages weren’t exactly flattering.

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