Interview Thank You Emails: Don’t Be General

Once the interview is over, most people are so relieved. This is a stressful meeting and you are probably trying to critique your performance. Before you start replaying the interview over and over again, it’s important to write your interview thank you email. This email should be sent within 24 hours of your interview and it is your last chance to leave a favorable impression.

Don’t Be Too General

Each of the interview thank you emails that you send should be specifically written to address the interviewer. You do not want to send out the same email to all the people you interviewed with. Be specific, such as adding a sentence or two about the company. You should also mention something that you spoke with the interviewer about. This will help him or her to remember your interview. It might be something as simple as software programs you are familiar with or as complex as licensing for certain equipment.

Interview thank you emails should highlight your best qualities; however, the ones you choose to mention should have some relation to the open position. Experience and education also need to be mentioned. Interview thank you emails should not be longer than three or four paragraphs, though. Keep your resume full of all the details.

Sending Your Email

Only use email if there has been previous communication over the internet. If there hasn’t been, then your interview thank you emails will need to be post office delivered letters. If email is appropriate, then be sure you have the current email address, as well as the correct spelling of your interviewer’s name. If you interviewed with several people, don’t send the same email to all of them. Don’t ask for a read receipt or address the email to multiple recipients. Take the time to write as many of these thank you emails as it takes.

It can be tempting to simply use one of your previous interview thank you emails. Since these emails are just a few paragraphs in length, it is best to just take the time to write each one as needed. There are a number of examples available online if you find you’re a little short on words. Avoid using images in your emails and don’t send attachments. Many of today’s companies are blocking images that are inside incoming emails, often resulting in non-delivery. It really doesn’t pay to write one of these entails if it doesn’t reach the interviewer.

Who Uses Thank You Emails

It’s rather surprising, but only about ten percent of job applicants take the time to send this email. Employers do say that these letters make an impression and in most case, it’s a positive one. Generally, interview thank you emails won’t sway a decision in whom to hire, but if the decision went your way, writing this letter would certainly be worth your time. The internet has certainly changed the way the world communicates today and that is no different for this type of email.

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