Stand Out with a Post Interview Thank You Letter

Once the interview is over, you may feel as though your life is a tad bit less stressful, even if you don’t yet know whether you’ve got the job or not. However, there is one more important part of a job interview that many people simply ignore. That is the post interview thank you letter. While it normally won’t be a deciding factor in whether you are offered the job, most employers do say that they certainly appreciate the gesture. In a close decision between two highly qualified candidates, this letter may actually help sway the odds in your favor.

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What to Say in your Post Interview Thank You Letter

The most important part of the post interview thank you letter is to ensure that your best qualities are once again brought to the forefront. You can do this by including one or two things that were talked about during the interview. Try to remember something that the interviewer seemed to like or appreciate. For example, perhaps you spoke with the interviewer about a particular software program that you have a lot of experience with or a new piece of machinery that you are qualified to run. Choosing something positive from the interview to write about will ensure that your interview is remembered.

You should also include a bit about your experience and qualifications again. Don’t put everything in the letter that was included in your cover letter or resume. A post interview thank you letter should not be more than three or four paragraphs at the most. However, you do want to stand out to the interviewer and help them see that you are the best candidate for the job opening.  You also want to show that you are still interested in the open position, too.

One thing to remember is not to be too mushy or sound too pathetic in this letter. Employers know how bad the job market is today. They interview dozens of people who want the job as much as you do. You want to show your interest, but now is not the time to beg.

 When to Send It

You should send this letter within 24 hours of your interview. If you traveled a long way for the interview, you may want to drop this letter off in person before you return home. Today, companies are making their hiring decisions quickly. Your letter isn’t going to do your chances any good if it’s not received until after someone else has been hired.

A Few Final Thoughts

Your post interview thank you letter should be professional, but you also want it have a slightly personal feel. Include your phone number and email after the complimentary closing and your name. This will make it easy for the interviewer to contact you in regards to a job offer. Since companies are interviewing so many people for one open position, it’s important to stand out among all the other applicants. Best of luck in your job hunting endeavors.

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