Thank You Letter after Interview Email Etiquette

Sometimes, the hardest thing to write is a thank you letter after interview email. Most individuals know they should write it but aren’t sure where or how to start and many people just give up after a few tries. However, it’s not as hard as you might think and there are a number of sample interview thank you letters online that can help. The key to any good email letter is to make sure you use the proper etiquette. This means using the proper salutation, complimentary closing, and the right tone throughout the letter.

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Letter Writing Basics
One reason why writing a thank you letter after interview email is difficult is because it’s hard to find the proper tone of a personalized, yet professional letter. You want to thank the interviewer for their time, but you also want to highlight your skills and experience again. If possible, you should reference the interview, citing one or to skills or qualifications that the interviewer asked you about. In addition, include a sentence or two about why you feel you are a good choice for the job opening. Mention what you liked about the company and show the reader that you are still interested in the position.
You should include a subject line in your email. For example, the subject line might read “Customer Service Manager Interview – Thank You.” This will help ensure that your email doesn’t go into the spam folder and that the interviewer will open and read your thank you letter after interview email. Begin with the right salutation, such as “Dear Mr. Jones” or “Dear Dr. Johnson”. Be certain you have the spelling of the interviewer’s name correct.
Your thank you letter after interview email should only be three or four paragraphs. You do not want it to be too long but it shouldn’t be too short, either. Some employers would appreciate a handwritten thank you note, but others would rather read a professional business letter. You should have a decent idea of what the interviewer would like after meeting with them. If not, always error on the side of caution and create a business letter. Don’t forget to remove any images or logos on your email, too. Many companies block emails that contain images or it could be deleted altogether.
The ending of your thank you letter after email should contain the proper complimentary closing, such as “Sincerely”, “Respectfully”, or something similar. Sign your name and include your phone number and email address afterwards. If you have not communicated via email prior to your interview, it’s best to not send this letter by email. You should use the regular postal service or hand deliver the letter yourself.
A Few Final Thoughts
A thank you letter after interview email is one letter than many people overlook. They may not feel it is necessary or they simply don’t have any idea how to write it. However, this thank you letter is important and many employers say that it can have an impact on who gets the job. This is really true when there are two close candidates for the position. Why not take a few minutes and complete the letter to yourself every advantage?

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