A Warning about Thank You Email after Interview Graphics

Most of today’s email programs allow you to customize your correspondence with graphics and logos. However, when you are writing a thank you email after interview, making use of graphics may not be such a good idea. For starters, many companies block the images in emails. Others may block the email altogether and send it to the spam folder.

Sometimes, these images can take quite a bit of time to download too, which could be frustrating to the recipient. If you haven’t paid any attention to the graphics that you actually have on your email, you may be sending a picture or logo that isn’t quite professional. The employers do not need or want to see a picture of you from your last night out on the town. Instead, keep your thank you email after interview professional and businesslike. Leave the graphics and logos for your friends and family.
Other Thank You Email Tips
The most important tip about a thank you email after interview is to ensure that it reaches the right recipient. If the company hasn’t communicated with you via email before the interview, it is best to send a traditional thank you letter either through the postal service or by dropping it off in person.

Do not send the thank you email to the human resources department. It should be sent to the interviewer. You need the right spelling of the interviewer’s name and the correct title. If you aren’t sure of either of these two bits of information, you might find it on the company’s website. If you cannot find it online, you may have to contact the company. You can also try to get a business card from the interviewer. This should have all the information you’ll need.
You should send this email within 24 hours of the interview; otherwise, it may arrive after the company has already made their hiring decision. While a thank you email after interview isn’t always the deciding factor on who gets the job, it can be a push in the right direction. Since only about ten percent of all applicants actually take the time to write this letter, it’s not something most interviewers see everyday. They do appreciate the gesture.
While you want to thank the interviewer for their time, you should also use this letter to highlight your best qualities, experience, and skill. You don’t want to restate everything that is in your resume, but the best points are important. Try to incorporate a line or two about something specifically talked about in the interview and express your continued interest in the job.
A Few Final Thoughts
For most people, a thank you email after interview is just a formality. In some ways it is, but it can be an important one. After all, the company is looking for qualified people, but they also want courteous employees that pay attention to detail. This is what you want to show the interviewer with your thank you email. Be sure to include your email address and phone number after your name so they don’t have to look very far to get back in touch with you!

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