Show Interest in Your Interview Thank You Email

One of the most important things you can do after an interview is to write an interview thank you email. While only about ten percent of all applicants take the time to write these important thank you letters, the fact remains that employers are more likely to remember those who do. Often, employers interview dozens of candidates over the course of a just a couple of days and it is impossible to remember each and every individual. Anything that you can do to help your interview stand out – for the right reasons, of course – is recommended. This is why this thank you letter is so important.
Convey Your Continued Interest
An interview thank you email can help show the interviewer that you are still interested in the job opening. There are times when you finish an interview and realize that it is not a position that you originally thought it was going to be. If you feel like that is the case with your last interview, it is best to just make the interviewer aware of that fact. However, if your interest has increased since the interview, this thank you letter is an excellent way to let the interview know. You can quickly show that you are very interested in the job with just a couple of well constructed sentences. For those that aren’t sure how to write a job interview thank you letter, here are some tips to help you.
Say Thank You
Obviously, the main point of an interview thank you email is to thank the interviewer for their time. Perhaps they took you to lunch to discuss the open position or perhaps you were just one in a line of interviewees for the day. Mention a few things that were talked about during the interview. This might be a special certification you have or your knowledge about a specific piece of software. This will not only help the interviewer remember you but it is good to draw attention to these positive points again.
Highlight Your Best Qualities
You should briefly highlight your best qualities in your interview thank you email. While you don’t want a complete recap of your interview or cover letter, now is the time to list out why you feel you would be a good fit for the job. If something was said in your interview that you feel was very positive about your skills, qualifications or experience, be sure to include a sentence about that, as well.
Additional Tips:
Here are some other tips to consider about your interview thank you email. Send this email only if there has been other correspondence by email. Make sure you have the name and the email address correct. Do not attach a read request to the email, no matter how tempting it might be. You should also avoid any pictures or logos on your email, as many companies are now blocking emails that contain such files.
A Final Thought
It is crucial to send this email with 24 hours of your interview. Many companies are now making the final hiring decision immediately after interviews are completed. Keep the tone of the interview thank you email professional, but include your phone number and your email address after the complementary closing and your name. These tips will help you design a thank you email that will be remembered.

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