Formatting an Information Technology Cover Letter

Information technology is one of the fastest growing fields today. If you are writing an information technology cover letter, there are few points that may help your letter and resume stand out from the other applicants. Since this field is in high demand, you can be assured there will be numerous applicants for every opening.

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Your First Impression

An information technology cover letter will be the first impression that a company gets of you. It’s just as important as your resume, perhaps even more so. If your cover letter isn’t effective, your resume may not even be read. You don’t want it to end up in the “do not read” pile, but it could happen if your letter is full of grammatical or spelling errors or if it doesn’t give the reader the information they are looking for.

Creating Interest

Think of your information technology cover letter as an introduction. You are trying to impress the reader with your skills, qualifications, and experience. The difference between this letter and your resume is that you can specifically address the needs of the company. Point out one or two things that you have learned about the company and its mission. Perhaps you know that they are growing at one of the fastest rates in their industry. This is important to point out because it shows that you have done your homework.

Use the first paragraph to quickly introduce yourself. The second paragraph should paraphrase your experience and skills. You should also include three or four bullets statements designed to draw the interest of the reader. If you can put a number to some of your skills, it’s much better than just a generic statement. Percentages, rates, sales numbers are all important, as the reader’s eyes will be drawn to these types of bullet points. Make sure they are worth the reader’s time to look at!

What Not to Say

It’s just as important to leave out certain things, too. For example, an information technology cover letter is not the place to list your salary demands, expected benefits, or when you can start. This is an introductory letter. You want the reader to flip the page over and start looking at your resume. This is also why you should keep your letter to one page and no more. Everything you need to say in a cover letter can be done on one page.

Formatting Options

Keep your choice of font sizes and types businesslike in appearance for your information technology cover letter. Don’t shrink your text just to make it fit on the page and don’t enlarge it to make it look like you wrote more. Ensure proper formatting for the company address, as well as your contact information. Include your name after the complimentary closing and don’t forget to sign the letter before you send. Have someone look over to see if you’ve missed anything. An error in this letter could be the difference between and interview and another unanswered application.

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