Preparing for a Job Interview: Tips for Success

One of the most stressful meetings you’ll probably have in your life is the job interview; however, there are some job interview tips that can help make this a bit easier on you, especially if you have never had an interview before. Consider the following:

Don’t Be Late

Probably one of the worst things you can do is arrive late to an interview. It is disrespectful and it shows poor time management. Arrive early, but not too early. Ten minutes is plenty of time to compose yourself for your interview. Be ready, though. You may be ushered right in to the interview when you arrive. This is one of the best job interview tips you’ll hear.

Dress for Success

Now is not the time to show off your new fun and funky wardrobe. Choose business attire, even if the job you are interviewing for doesn’t require it. For men, slacks, dress shirt, jacket and tie are necessary; for women, slacks, skirt or a dress. Avoid jeans or even khakis. Women should not wear short skirts or revealing tops. Also, avoid too much jewelry, makeup or heavy perfumes. Men should go light on the aftershave. Make sure your hair is neat and your shoes are polishes. Most job interview tips will tell you that appearance is everything and it is.

Shake the Interviewer’s Hand

While a limp handshake can be your downfall, this is not the time to show your great strength either. You want to give a firm handshake and look your interviewer in the eye. This shows confidence and that is one of the most important qualities during an interview. Other job interview tips include allowing the interview to sit first, sitting up straight and not crossing your legs. While these may seem minor, these little gestures can have an impact on the large picture during the meeting.

Think Before You Speak

When you are asked questions, take a moment to think about your answer. This does not mean you should sit there until the silence becomes uncomfortable but you should give yourself enough time to think about what you want to say. This can also help calm your nerves on those really tough questions. Other job interview tips include practicing the interview with a friend. This will help you formulate the right answers ahead of time and lessen the chance that you will be surprised with a question.

Shake the Interviewers Hand when You Leave

Before you leave, take the time to shake his or her hand and thank them for their time. This is one of those job interview tips that are often forgotten, as many people just want to get out of that room as quickly as possible! You should show your composure throughout the interview and this even includes when you’re walking out the door.

In Closing

These are just a few of the job interview tips that will help you perform better and feel more confident. The most important is to arrive on time. If something happens that will delay your arrive, call the company as soon as possible to let them know.

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