Thank You Email after Interview Attachments

Once you have finished your interview for a new job, you may be quite relieved that the process is over. However, you still have one more very important step and that is the thank you email after interview. While only ten percent of all job interviewees send this email, it is polite and will leave a good impression with the interviewer. If you’re wondering what attachments you should send with this email, the following information will help you. While you shouldn’t attach anything to your email, there are some things that you should include.

In the Body of the Email

1st Paragraph: The first paragraph of your thank you email after interview should thank the interviewer for their time. You should also mention one or two things that you liked about the company. This will create a positive image in the mind of the interviewer.

2nd Paragraph: The next paragraph should quickly summarize your talents, skills, qualification, and experience. You don’t want to rehash every line in your resume, but you do want to highlight the most important aspects. You are trying to remind the interviewer why you are the best choice for the open position and why you would be a good fit for that particular company.

3rd Paragraph: The final paragraph should show your continued interest in the job. After your complimentary closing and your name, include your phone number and email address. You want to make it as easy as possible for the interviewee to contact you about the position.

When to Send This Important Email

This email should go out within 24 hours of your interview. Many companies fill their open position quite quickly. Your thank you letter after email won’t do you much good if the position has already been filled when they receive it. Make sure you’ve got the interviewer’s name spelled correctly. It is best to get a business card while you are at the interview, if possible. This way, you will have all the information you need to send the email correctly.

When to Use Email and When to Use Regular Mail

If previous communications with the company have been through email, then it’s quite appropriate to send a thank you letter after email. If all contact has been through the regular mail or over the telephone, you should reconsider sending an email. If you don’t feel comfortable sending this letter through regular mail because of the delay, then you may want to drop a letter off personally. Some people actually write out their thank you letter before the interview and leave it with the receptionist when the interview is done. This is actually not advised, because this letter needs to contain something about the interview itself. If you do plan on dropping the letter off in person, make sure the envelope looks as professional at the letter it contains.

In Closing

A thank you email after interview is indeed important. This almost forgotten piece of the interview process will certainly make an impression on the interviewer. Take the time to write it carefully and have someone proofread it for errors if possible. A misspelled work or missing comma is not the impression you want to leave the interviewer with.

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