Interview Thank You Email: Bring Attention to Your Good Qualities

An interview thank you email can be a huge factor in helping you draw attention to your best qualities and help the interviewer remember why they should choose you for their open position. Moreover, since most companies communicate by email today, getting this thank you letter is much easier than it used to be. Unfortunately, many candidates simply overlook the importance of this interview thank you email after they are done with their interview.

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Highlight Your Good Side

While you want to thank the interviewer for their time, you should also focus on reminding him or her about your skills and qualifications. An interview thank you email should be too long – maybe only three or four paragraphs. However, you do want to mention at least one thing that was discussed during the interview. Make sure it’s a positive point, such as software that you are familiar with or a certain piece of equipment that you are licensed to operate.

You will want to mention why you want to work for this company and why you feel you are the right person for the position. Don’t be shy but don’t be arrogant, either. There are many examples of an interview thank you email that you can find online. These can be a great help, both in terms of formatting your email and in the types of sentences that are most effective. Don’t just copy and paste one of those emails, though. You want this letter to be all about you and not something generic!

While it is not a good idea to restate your entire resume, you should include some of the finer points. Anything you can put a percentage or a number to should be included. These types of statements are what draw the reader’s eye and are what he or she will remember after the email is closed. Bullet statements should not be used, as this is, after all, an interview thank you email.

Sending Your Interview Thank You Email:

You should send your interview thank you email within 24 hours of the interview; however, you must ensure you’re sending it to the right person. Don’t assume that the human resources email will forward it on to the interviewer. If youare sure of the spelling of their name, don’t guess. It would be very embarrassing to misspell your interviewer’s name! You can probably see why this would not leave a very good impression.

Don’t forget to fill in the subject line on your email. It should state the email’s purpose, such as “Customer Service Interview – Thank You.” In most cases, this type of subject line will at least draw the attention of the interview so they will open the email. This is really true since only about ten percent of all interviewees actually send an interview thank you email.

A Final Thought or Two

An interview thank you email is not a requirement for finding a job; however, it can be the deciding factor in a close decision between you and another applicant. If you aren’t sure what to say, take a look at some of the example online. Best of luck in your job hunting!

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