Thank You Letter after Interview: Restating the Highlights

Once the interview is over, you may sit back and wait for the phone to ring. However, there is a better way to pass your time and that is to write a thank you letter after interview. Employers say that only about ten percent of people they have interviewed send this important letter. It is a courtesy that is often forgotten, but it does make a good statement to a potential employer. Not only are you thanking the interviewer for their time, you are also using this opportunity to restate the highlights of the interview and your resume.

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What to Include in the Letter

You’ll want to begin by thanking the person for their time. Let them know that you are more interested than ever in the position. You want to mention one or two things that were discussed in the interview, too. This may help remind the interviewer of who you are. While you do not want to restate all the high points of the interview, it is important to remember a couple of moments when you were at your best. The thank you letter after interview should also briefly mention your skills and qualifications again, but not to the point of reiterating your entire resume. Keep it short, but show where your experience can benefit the company.

It’s important to show the interviewer that you will fit well into this position. There are a number of thank you letter after interview examples online to help you. You should end the letter with an appropriate complimentary closing, your name, your email address, and a phone number. This will make it easier to contact you – hopefully in order to offer you the job.

Email or Regular Mail

If you have communicated with the interviewer through email prior to the meeting, it’s quite acceptable to send this letter through email. You do want to make sure the letter is formatted correctly and that you have the most current email address. In addition, check the spelling of the name or it could be quite embarrassing when it’s spelled incorrectly. If there has been no contact through email, it’s best to use the regular mail system or to deliver it in person. Make sure the envelope looks as professional as the letter and don’t forget to sign your name.

A thank you letter after interview should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. Many companies waste no time in choosing whom they want to hire. Your letter will do no good if it arrives after that decision has already been made.

A Few Final Thoughts

When sending a thank you letter after interview, restating the highlights of the interview is important. Not only will it help with the recollection of your interview, you can point out why you would be a good choice for the open position. This is an important part of the interview process and it shouldn’t be overlooked. It could be the difference between you getting the job offer or someone else.

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