Cover Letter Examples by Job Market

Your resume will take a lot of work to make it attractive to potential employers and your cover letter is just as important. While you can find a number of cover letter examples online, you must ensure that yours aptly describes your skills and qualifications in just a few short paragraphs. Your cover letter needs to be succinct, but it also needs to create enough interest that the employer will look closely at your resume.

Industry Specific Cover Letters

Writing a generic cover letter is easy – creating one that is tailored to your industry or job market is not. Searching for cover letter examples that specifically relate to your job market will give you a great starting point for creating an effective cover letter. You can see how skills and qualifications can be worded for the best effect. The best cover letters incorporate numbers, percentages, and strong, targeted language that the employer can relate to.

Anytime you can quantify your skills and qualifications, it will draw the attention of the reader. For example, saying that you increased sales dramatically while at your last job will not have the same effect as saying that you increased sales by 39% in only two years. Using bullet points is a very effective, too, as it helps differentiate your accomplishments from the rest of the body of the letter. Cover letter examples can show you the best way to format a bulleted section.

You should include a couple of sentences that show you have conducted a bit of research about the company. This will show your interest and give you a chance to state why you would be a good candidate for the job opening. You don’t want to brag or sound too arrogant, but you do need to “toot your own horn” a little. Otherwise, your letter may be somewhat boring or appear uninspired. Cover letter examples relating to your specific job market can give you an idea of how to write these types of sentences effectively.

Formatting a Cover Letter

A cover letter should never be more than one page in length and it should have the standard formatting for margins and font. You don’t need to cram as much information as you can into this letter and change the font to where the reader needs a magnifying glass to read it. If the letter is too long and you just can’t seem to shorten it, have someone else read it. They may be able to see areas that can be cut to make the letter work effectively. Cover letter examples can also help by showing you how to use paragraphs effectively.

In Closing

While many job seekers create a generic cover letter, it is best to tailor each cover letter to the company you want to work for. It really doesn’t take much time once the original letter is complete. Don’t just use one of the cover letter examples off the internet, either. It must represent your own work. It is also very important to proofread your cover letter carefully. Even one mistake can send your letter and your resume into the trash bin.

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