Job Interview Tips: Clean Up Your Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most visited websites today. With over a half a billion accounts, this social media network is has revolutionized the way that people keep others informed about what is going on in their lives. However, Facebook has also been the downfall of many job applicants. In the following job interview tips, you will find all the information you need to clean up your Facebook page so that potential employers get the right impression of you when they do some research on you.

What Does Your Facebook Page Say about You?

While you may not think that employers look at Facebook pages, it really couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a wealth of information to be found online and social media websites are no exception. Think about what is on your Facebook page. Does it contain photos of you that might not show your best side? For example, the last night you were out at the club and dancing on the table may not be what you want a potential employer to see. Job interview tips include removing photos that show excessive drinking or even worse.

If you have strong political beliefs that may not coincide with a potential employer views, you may want to reconsider what your profile says. Consider what your likes and dislikes include. If you list your favorite activities as skydiving, riding motorcycles, bungee jumping, or other dangerous activities, an employer may not want to take a chance that you will be hurt and miss work. They could choose to hire someone who enjoys reading, poetry and basket weaving! These are job interview tips that really can help you in the long run.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t want potential employers to see any risqué photographs of you. You don’t need a photo of you on Facebook that shows you any type of compromising position. It simply isn’t worth it. Far too many college students post up pictures from fraternity and sorority parties that should be filed away for private viewing. Good job interview tips include those that limit the amount of skin that you should show online!

While there is no law against being yourself on your Facebook page, if you are job hunting, the wrong content can cause you problems. You may want to limit access to your wall or profile to only your friends. This means that potential employees will not be able to view all of your information unless you give them access. Other people have changed their name slightly so that their account will not come up when a search of their legal name is done. These are really important job interview tips that can help you stay in the running for your dream job.

In Closing

Facebook is quite a phenomenon, but it can also damage your chances of getting a great job. Employers do look at Facebook accounts of potential employees. Keep the above job interview tips in mind in order to stay in the running for that next job.

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