Why You Should Send A Thank You Letter After Interview Email

Do you remember the last thank you letter you wrote? A thank you letter after interview email is one that you should send with 24 hours after meeting with the company representative. Employers report that only about ten percent of all interviewees take the time to send this type of letter. Many may feel that it is “overkill” and will not actually do anything to improve their chances of getting the job. However, employers also state that this letter can often be the deciding factor when trying to choose between two qualified job candidates.

Tips for Sending a Great Thank You Letter Email

Writing a thank you letter after interview email is quite simple. There are a number of example letters online that can help. However, it’s important to remember not to copy and paste these emails. You want to create a letter that is personal, but professional. Using someone else’s words is simply not acceptable.

It’s important that you get the name of your interviewer and their title with the company. The spelling is very important, so if you’re not sure of it, contact the company and ask or check on the company’s website. Misspelling a name will leave an impression that is not very favorable.

You should also create an appropriate subject line. For example, the subject line of a thank you letter after interview email might read, “Administrative Assistant Interview – Thank You.” This will help ensure that your thank you email is read. The email address should be correct, too, as there is only one chance for the email to be sent to the right person. If you’re not sure about the email address, don’t just assume it’s correct. Check with the company.

Include a line or two in the first paragraph about something you liked about the company. Thank the interviewer for their time and add a sentence about why you feel you would be a good asset to the company. You should specifically mention something that was talked about during the interview, as this will help the interviewer remember your meeting. Include a statement or two about your skills, qualifications, and experience, but don’t go into too great of detail.

You don’t need to repeat everything that is in your resume or cover letter. This thank you letter after interview email should just highlight the best of your skills and qualifications. End the thank you email on a positive note and include your phone number and email address under your complimentary closing and name. This will make it very easy for the interviewer to contact you to offer you the job!

In Closing

While a thank you letter after interview email may not be a common as it should be, it can help push the odds in your favor. With so many people trying to enter the job market anything that you can do to make yourself stand out is fantastic. The above tips will help you to send a thank you email that really promotes your best qualities.

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