Job Interview Thank You Letter: Keeping Contact Information

One of the most underused, but most important letters today is a job interview thank you letter. With the internet, people are simply sending an informal email or text or leaving a message on voice mail. Society has become somewhat lacking in manners. However, one instance when you should surely say thanks is with a job interview thank you letter.

It is often difficult to remember the name of the person you interviewed with; however, this is required on a job interview thank you letter. Sometimes, it can simply be the nervousness due to interviewing, but other times, it can just be a failure to keep contact information. Keep all correspondence regarding a possible job opening. Many companies only communicate through email or only through regular mail. Some will communicate only over the phone. Make sure you keep a note of who you spoke, as well as the names of the interviewers. Don’t just write it on a scrap of paper that may end up thrown away.

What to Say in a Job Interview Thank You Letter

While the main purpose of a job interview thank you letter is to thank the interviewer for their time, it’s also a chance to make a great second impression, too. You can highlight your skills, experience, and training, as well as your increased interest to work for the company. These thank you letters should not be more than a couple of paragraphs. Include a line or two about why you feel the company would benefit from your skills and qualifications. You should also mention at least one point that was discussed during the interview. If the interview occurred more than a day or two previously, then include the date and time of your interview.

Keep the letter professional and above all, proofread it carefully. If possible, it’s always best to have someone else read it over before you send it. Many times, another set of eyes will catch a mistake that you missed or be able to tell you which sentences do not flow well. This is often the impression that an interviewer will have of you.

A job interview thank you letter that contains grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors is certainly not the impression that you want to leave the interviewer with. Send your letter within 24 hours of the interview whenever possible. It is acceptable to use email, but only when the previous correspondence regarding the interview has been through email as well. Be sure to double check the spelling of the person’s name and that their title within the company is correct.

A Few Final Thoughts

When sending a job interview thank you letter, the above tips will help you create one that is effective. Many employers state that this type of thank you letter can often be the deciding factor if they cannot decide whom to hire. It doesn’t take long to write this letter, but the implications can be far-reaching. It would really be a shame if you were not offered the job simply because someone else took the time to write a thank you letter.

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