Downloadable Cover Letter Examples by Industry

A cover letter is just as important as your resume when you are job hunting. If you are not sure how to write a cover letter, there are many cover letter examples online. Your cover letter must be professional and a compilation of your experience and skills. Every time you turn in a resume to a human resources department, whether it is through email, snail mail, or in person, it should be accompanied by a well-written and well-formatted cover letter.

Finding the Right Cover Letter Examples

You can find cover letter examples that are specifically written for each industry, as well as for particular jobs. However, it is important that you don’t copy the example word for word, as some employers will check to see if it’s original.

Pay close attention to the examples, especially to the formatting. For example, you will notice that each has an introductory paragraph, a paragraph or two that details your skills and accomplishments, and a final paragraph that wraps it all together. An example cover letter can also show you how to make the best use of bullet statements, numbers, and percentages to make your cover letter stand out.

Tips for Creating an Effective Cover Letter

Make sure you have the correct department and that you spell the contact person’s name correctly. You should include your personal information on a letterhead or in a traditional business letter format. If you are not sure how this should look, cover letter examples online can help.

The first paragraph should include which position you are applying for and a sentence about why your experience and skills make you a great candidate for the job. Don’t waste time with mediocre language. Get right to the point and highlight a couple of your best qualities.

The next paragraph should include a bit about your training, including three or four bullet points. Use numbers and percentages to quantify your experience, such as how much you improved sales or cut down on expenses. This is always what will draw the eye of the reader first.

The final paragraph should reiterate why you are a good choice for the position. You should also include a statement about why you are excited about the opportunity to work for such a company. It is best to place your contact information here, such as a phone number, and that you are interested in speaking with them about the position. End the letter with a complimentary closing and your name.

Your cover letter should be typed in a business letter format, with traditional fonts. It should never be more than one page, but don’t shrink the font size just to make it fit on one page. Avoid colored inks or colored papers, but a good quality resume paper is a great choice. Be sure to proofread the letter for any grammar or spelling errors. These will stand out to an employer.

In Closing

An effective cover letter is an important step in creating an effective resume submission. Cover letter examples can provide guidance in what to include, as well as formatting options. Take the time to write this letter carefully and correctly, as it’s often forms the first impression an employer will have of you and your professionalism.

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