Don’t Forget to Send a Thank You Letter after Interview Email

Have you ever sent a thank you letter after interview email? If not, you should. This is one of the most overlooked courtesies in business today, but it’s more than just being polite. It gives you the chance to highlight your experience and qualifications one last time for the interviewer. If the hiring decision is close, it could actually tip the scales in your favor.

When to Send a Thank You Letter after Interview Email

Within 24 hours after your interview, you should send your thank you letter. This will make sure that your interview is still fresh in the mind of the interviewer. If you are emailing the letter, make sure you have the right email address. You also must ensure you have the interviewer’s title and correct spelling of their name. This is very important and if you are lucky, you’ll remember both from your interview. However, if not, you can check the company’s website or call the office directly to make sure you get it right.

What to Say in your Thank You Letter

Begin by thanking the person for their time. Make a positive statement or two about the company. Explain why you feel you are a great choice for the position. Do not mention anything negative, even if you feel as though you bombed the interview. Keep it positive and professional. You want the interviewer to focus on why they should choose you for the position.

The next paragraph should include those reasons, as well as a quick reminder of your qualifications and skills. This should be very brief. You do not need to include everything that is on your resume. Just highlight the most important points.

End the thank you letter after interview email with a statement to let the interviewer know that you are still very interested in the position. After your complimentary closing, add your phone number and email address so it will be easy to contact you.

When Not to Use an Email Letter

If the company has never communicated with you about the position, you should not use email as a means of communication. However, most companies do send out emails regarding the receipt of a resume, scheduling interviews, and if there is more information requested. Make sure you have the email address correct. Do not send it to a general information email account if at all possible. It is always best to have it sent to the person who interviewed you.

Here’s An Example:

A Final Thought or Two

A thank you letter after interview email is very important, even though only ten percent of applicants actually send one. Employers notice those who take the time to do so, and as stated above, it is often the deciding factor in a close decision for an opening. It would really be awful to realize that this short letter was what would have swayed the decision. Have someone read over the thank you letter after interview email to make sure you don’t have any errors in it.

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