CareerRush’s Downloadable Resume Examples

If you need to create an effective resume to increase your chances of landing that dream job, then check out CareerRush’s downloadable resume examples. This is a great site for finding a resume for the specific industry you want to work in. Many are tailored to specific jobs, such as a mechanical engineer, customer service representative, or even a third-grade teacher.

Why Resume Examples Are So Useful

It is not just a chance to see how others believe a resume should read but it offers you a chance to look at wording, grammar, formatting and that all too difficult to write objective statement. You can see how bullet points are used to create areas that draw the reader’s eye and when to put certain information in bold or italics.

You should also look at the layout of the page. Is it difficult for you to read because there is so much information? Do you feel as though the entire example is lacking? These are helpful so you know what you can do to your resume to make it much easier to read and more likely to get yours noticed.

Avoiding Common Mistakes 

If you have ever been in charge of the hiring process at one of your previous jobs, you have probably seen resumes that contain spelling and grammatical errors. Perhaps the entire tone of the resume is off or just does not flow correctly. You can see some resume examples that are really great and some that shouldn’t be used as examples!

However, you may have also seen a few resumes that all look the same. The only differences between them are a few particulars about where someone worked or went to school. The objective statement, the qualification section, and the skills section are all similar. You must make sure that your resume is created for your employment history. Don’t just copy and paste someone else’s work. Chances are the potential employer has already seen it a few times!

Don’t Skimp on the Meat and Potatoes

The nice part about any resume examples is that you can always learn something from them. Even if you do not find the information you need in a resume for your particular industry, browsing through other resumes may give you ideas on how to write or improve yours. While the cover letter is a very important part of the job application process, you should consider the resume as the “meat and potatoes” – the main course, if you will. It has to be substantial and it must be the strongest part of the applicant’s paperwork.

A Few Final Thoughts

In closing, if you need to see several resume examples, CareerRush is certainly the place to start. You can view hundreds of sample resumes to help you create one that will grab the attention of the reader. Formatting is important, too, so pay attention to the different styles. Of course, no resume should ever be submitted without a thorough proofreading to correct any spelling or grammar errors. When you are finished with your resume, you will have created a piece of paper that will act as your next stepping stone on your career path.

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