Key Components of a CEO Resume

A CEO resume must show strong leadership qualities and a proven ability to move a company forward. While there is usually a significant amount of education and training to list, the most important part of this type of resume will focus on how you have made an impact on how the business performed.

Numbers and Dollar Signs

Whenever possible, you should use numbers and dollars signs to grab the attention of the reader. Quantifying results in terms of increased sales or profits make people sit up and take notice. You want to show how you directly contributed to the overall success of the company and why this is exactly the type of leadership the next company needs. Use bullet statements whenever possible, with each line targeting a different area of the company, such as sales, cost saving measures, employee satisfaction, or company growth.

Leadership Begins at the Top

Strong leadership qualities must be possessed by someone in charge and you must be able to clearly and concisely state these qualities on a CEO resume. You can find a number of examples online for the most effective wording, but make sure your resume is original. Identify your strong communication skills, experience, and other important leadership qualities.

There are several characteristics of a good leader. Most people will tell you that perseverance, courage, and communication rank at the top. However, do your research on the company. Know what they expect from their CEO and try to formulate your CEO resume around it. For example, perhaps the shining star for their employees is an annual benefit for troubled youth. Use your experience in volunteer or community work to highlight your compassion. This is also a strong leadership quality that is often overlooked.

Qualifications and Training

Be thorough when you list your qualification and training. Many companies are searching for a specific type of training, such as on different computer programs or equipment. Others want to see that you have specialized experience within the company’s industry. Most will want to see at least a Master’s Degree in a field that relevant to the company’s needs. Be sure to list any awards that you have received as a CEO, especially for leadership.

Formatting Options

Very few CEOs get to their position without having worked their way up the ladder. You’ll almost always use a chronological format for this type of resume. Start with the last or current employer and work back at least seven years. While a CEO has quite a bit of information for their career and accomplishments, you still should try to keep your resume on one page. This is why it so important that every line, sentence, and choice of wording is perfect.

A Final Thought

A CEO resume is not an easy resume to write, but there are several examples available online. You should make sure your resume is proofread carefully, as a simple grammar or spelling error is not acceptable. Choose the best resume paper available and be ready to answer the call for an interview.

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