Writing an Engineer Resume: Example Layout

While writing an engineer resume is quite similar to other types of resumes, there are a few differences. For example, an engineer’s resume may require two pages – which is not necessary for most people. However, an engineer generally has more training and qualifications than the average job applicant. The education portion alone can be quite extensive. If you need help writing such a resume, you may find that a resume example is a great place to begin.

What Type of Engineer Are You?

The term engineer can mean a number of different types of industries. There are software, mechanical, design and electrical engineers, just to name a few. In order to find the right resume example, search for specific types of examples based upon your skills and qualifications. This will help provide you more of a targeted example to better suit your needs.

Check Out Our Engineer Resume Example:

The Objective Statement

One of the most difficult parts of any resume is creating an objective statement that really personifies the applicant. Some people simply don’t like “tooting their own horn,” while others are simply at a loss of what to say. However, this is one of the most important parts of your resume because it sums up your qualifications and what type of position you are looking for all in one line. This is why a targeted resume example for the type of industry you are in will provide the best guidance.

Education and Training

An engineering degree requires a lot of training and you want to highlight this education in your resume. It doesn’t really matter where you list this on your resume, just so it is listed. The qualifications and skills that you have obtained from previous experience are more important.

Highlighting Your Achievements and Skills

This is another important area of your resume. You should quantify the results whenever possible and make good use of bullet statements. This will help your achievements and skills stand out to the reader. It’s always better to say that you directly supervised 8 engineers rather than saying you were in charge of the night shift! Cost saving measures are also good to include, if you have had a part in them. This shows the company that you understand the financial bottom line.

Include all types of software that you are familiar with, as these are generally an important part of the industry. It’s best to be specific, as a company could be looking for someone with that particular experience. You should also include any special equipment knowledge that might set you apart from the other applicants.

A Few Final Thoughts

Because engineering is such a broad term, you should look for a resume example that specifically deals with your experience. These samples can often provide you with ideas to improve your resume and make sure that it gets put into the interview pile. By using bullet statements and quantifying as much information as possible, you can capture the attention of the reader. That is half the battle!

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