Sending a Thank You Email after Interview

Letter writing has really become a forgotten art. With email, texting, and free long distance with most phone carriers, the postal service isn’t as busy as it once was. Do you remember how many Christmas cards your family received in the mail when you were a child? Now, it is not uncommon to only get a couple throughout the entire holiday season. One area where the internet has really changed things is with the thank you email after interview.

Should You Send a Thank You Email After Interview?

Only about ten percent of all interviewees actually take the time to send a thank you letter afterwards. While it is not a requirement to land a great job, it can sometimes turn the tables in your favor. This is really true if the decision is close. If you have had an interview about a job opening, you should send a thank you email or letter within 24 hours after the interview.

There is some debate within the business world on if a thank you email after interview is appropriate. Most people would agree that if there has been email communication regarding the open position and interview that an email is quite acceptable. However, if the only correspondence has been through regular mail or over the phone, you may want to consider mailing your thank you letter. If you do not have a specific email address, it can be difficult to ensure that your letter will reach the right person, anyway.

Our Example Job Interview Thank You Letter:

What to Say in a Thank You Email After Interview

The email should be addressed to the person who interviewed you. If there was more than one person present, try to send it to everyone who was there. Send each email separately, instead of to one group of recipients. You should make sure the name spellings and titles are correct. Include the position in your subject line, such as Customer Service Interview – Thank You. This will help ensure your email is read.

Thank the interviewer for their time and for the chance to speak with them about why you are a good choice for the open position. Also, include one or two positive comments about the company and why you would like to work for them. You should highlight your qualifications and skills concisely and show why they would be a benefit to the company. Don’t make this portion of the email too long. You are only looking to refresh their memory about your interview.

Do not apologize for mistakes that you made in the interview. You want to keep this positive. End with a sentence expressing that you are still interested in the position. Include your name, email address, and telephone number after the complimentary closing.

In Summary

A thank you email after interview is very important. It helps remind the interviewer of your qualifications and skills and shows that you are still interested in the job. It is also polite! While not very common any more, it shows that you cared enough to spend a few minutes your time thanking the interviewers for theirs.

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