How To Contact Human Resources For Potential Employer

Have you recently learned that a company will have openings soon? Perhaps you would simply like to turn in your resume for any employment opportunities within the company. Before you mail off your resume and cover letter, it is best make sure you know exactly where it needs to go. Not every human resources department will handle all open positions. Management positions, for example, are sometimes handled by management personnel.

Finding the Right Contact Information

It is always best to address your correspondence to a specific individual. This is true even if your resume and cover letter are unsolicited. If you are responding to an advertisement, the proper department head is usually listed; however, if you are trying to get your foot in the door early, you are going to need some more information.

The internet has made this task much easier. You can often find all the human resources information for the company on their website. Some companies will also list what they require for a complete application. You may need to forward your resume, cover letter and fill out an application online. You may need to send copies of your degrees and other training. Some companies even want you to provide a list of references. Most companies that have this type of human resources system allow you do all of this over the internet. It is faster and can help fill open positions more quickly.

If you cannot find a website for the company, it’s time to use the phone. Call up the company and ask for their human resources department. Specifically request information on how to apply for openings within their company. Be sure to get the correct email or mailing address, as well as the title and name to put in the attention line. This is important or your resume may not end up in the right hands. Some companies fill their positions so quickly that a delay could cost you the job.

If you are having difficulties locating the information you need, you can also look at the Secretary of State website where the company is located. Businesses must have a business license and there is normally contact information included with the license particulars.

Tips to Help Your Resume Stand Out

If your resume is simply ending up in a stack on someone’s desk, you may be very disappointed. It is important that your resume and cover letter grab the attention of whomever is reading them. Even if the personnel in the human resources department are simply processing paperwork, there may be a time when they know exactly the type of person they are looking for. As long as your resume stands out for the right reasons, it might be passed up the line much faster.

In Closing

Human resources fill an important need in many larger companies today. The right contact information will ensure that your resume and cover letter gets to the right person. Do more than just send something to the department as a whole. It may pay off in the long run.

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